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    Teaching it --- useful tips?

    I like demonstrating close hauled by "twirling". Sails in tight, traveler centered, help hard over and - wait for it. The boat goes around in a lazy pirouette - until she comes up on the wind... Then the acceleration, the heal, the sudden luffing as she goes across the wind... and back...
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    G10 for chainplates?

    Consider - do the G10 attachment to the structure - bring it above deck as a stub. Then attach stainless to that so that normal hardware (turnbuckles, clevis, whatever) will fit with normal steel edge margins for holes.  The stub could even be slotted so the attachment is in double sheer. No...
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    Free at last, free at last, thank Neptune almighty...

    copy that, ajax... We'll be another week getting to the water. It's hard to be that patient!
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    Boating Gadgets That Work

    Interesting... I had a Skogman tiller brake on the previous boat that worked that way. Can't find one now. It had very little play in the connections but that little bit of movement was enough to turn the boat. I used a bungee cord to tension the tiller and eliminate the play. We're looking...
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    head smell and lakewater?

    First come the more obvious sources of stinky. Deal with all that first. Peggy Hall is your new best friend. Then there is the "How to use the potty" question. The little microorganisms in lake water eventually die off and decay - and smell bad. To address that end of the problem, simply...
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    Epoxy Thinning?

    That's seriously bad news. And - although you wrote it in plain english, not a soul picked up on it.
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    fuel tank

    I felt exactly the same way about changing the hoses to the holding tank. Some jobs are worth paying someone else to do.
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    fuel tank

    The only resin that I would consider safe for fuel tanks is vinyl ester.
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    Wanking- A short history.

    About the kitten thing? I don't think so. If that were true cats would have gone extinct eons ago...
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    Capri 22 net

    We recently sold our 26 in order to downsize a step or two. I'd like to be able to pull the boat or step the mast without having to hire someone. High on the list of smaller boats is the Capri 22. I was looking for the Capri 22 forum but can't find it. seems to have...
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    Perfection Plus Is Killing My Budget

    Pour the unused fluid into a glass jar. Cut a piece of plastic (saran wrap like stuff) to fit in the jar. Put the plastic over the resin and screw on the lid. DON'T shake it! Works wonders... But this tip cost 1 quart of gloss white. :)
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    Retrieve Internal Outhaul

    You can spend a lot of time fishing but how to grab the line if you find it? If the outhaul has more than 2:1 purchase, I'd just pill the pins and re-rig it completely. Probably a lot quicker than cussing at it all day.
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    interesting way of attaching the jib sheet

    I've used the locked sheet-bend with gray Amsteel. Didn't slip.
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    interesting way of attaching the jib sheet

    It's not. It's basically a locked sheet bend (extra turn abound the bight in the sheet). I still only have one jib, but the idea was that each sail would have a tail on the clew to make changing sails easier. Still saving nickles and dimes for that.
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    Quick Bowline - new to me anyway

    :) There are a LOT of ways to tie a bowline that do not involve rabbits and trees. I really like this one and have started teaching it - AFTER they learn the rabbits and trees method. Fast Bowline:
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    Non-penetrating depth transducer

    Since I pulled my through hull sensor out (when it tried to sink the boat) I'm looking for a workable solution as well. I kinda like the PVC pipe for protecting the sensor, and maybe just pack some petroleum jelly in the bottom? MY big problem at the moment is picking a new system. The old...
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    Best filler for cutback core

    I've done that many times. It works well, but I have ALWAYS put some clear tape around the bottom of the bad before filling it. The idea is to reinforce the bottom seam and corners so it doesn't open up on you. To the OP: For something that needs to be stiff and hard I like to add some...
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    Yacht Wheel - Brush or Spray ?

    ChromaClear huh? Haven't played with that. Would it fill and build that way on a wood part?
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    Yacht Wheel - Brush or Spray ?

    So does spray.
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    Yacht Wheel - Brush or Spray ?

    I hope yer just kidding, Ish. Would you cover up that wheel?

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