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  1. barefoot children

    Mumm 30 bowsprit mod

    The other same hull does have a Mumm 30 spar & fly's MH kites with no issues. Guess it depends on how heavy & stiff your hull is as that loads up the spar.
  2. barefoot children

    Laser 28 ... or alternative?

    Just noticed this thread Ben, glad you did well on the Saturday Sheriff Cup good stuff
  3. barefoot children

    Mumm 30 bowsprit mod

    With a beefy enough sprit you don't need a bobstay Lookey here:
  4. barefoot children

    New YC In Charleston

    several un-married women in Charleston YC Clean
  5. barefoot children

    New YC In Charleston

    ChYC has female members & the new Daniel Island YC is offering a limited # of moorings for race week this yr.
  6. barefoot children

    Mast partners ideas..

    ON our similar boat except aft raked spreaders, it was helpful to block the spar forward in the partners to induce a little mast bend.
  7. barefoot children

    Henderson 30?

    Looking for your oldest reaching kite, anyone ??
  8. barefoot children


    How do you drain those cockpit pits ? Gotta have bilge pumps on each side Or connecting duct between them, then the water is always on the low side.
  9. barefoot children

    Craigslist Finds - Keelboat edition

    Here's a much better solution to hidden anchor deployment:
  10. barefoot children

    Faster than a Melges 32?

    Looks like a cat is in your future if you want to go faster
  11. barefoot children

    No photos in ads

    What's up with no photos in adds ??? Fix it please
  12. barefoot children

    No photos in ads

    Photos in ads don't show any more what's up??
  13. barefoot children

    Latest nutty idea

    I use one to recess engine controls & vent fan outlet. Also holds engine control lever.
  14. barefoot children

    Hakan Södergren 31ft racer

    Got me from Alameda Ca to Charleston SC, so Left coast to Rt coast with no issues, Tires are plenty rated for this light of a boat
  15. barefoot children

    LYRA & 8 meter North Americans at Sodus Bay

    Lived on Shaker Tract Rd in late 70's & competed in LYRA races in the late 90's, After doing the Level regatta several years. GOOD TIMES 👍
  16. barefoot children

    Hakan Södergren 31ft racer

    Is Arne Jonsson still around ? he'd be pretty old now. Barefoot
  17. barefoot children

    IOR landfills?

    beautiful wood boats, still an era of pleasing designs;
  18. barefoot children

    KIWI 35 RIP

    Here's Wing Nuts, which went turtle in the Chicago Mac couple yrs ago. Since then Mac requires much higher stability ratio to enter.
  19. barefoot children

    The Merits of a J9

    June 2022 has J9 on he cover & test sail with Al Johnstone aboard. That boat was quoted at $160,000 "as equipped" It had the electric IB but no sprit for assy.  Kinda pricey !
  20. barefoot children

    KIWI 35 RIP

    She looks much better now !