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    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    Hi Vince, yes that's mine.  Just moved it up from EBM over the weekend.  All that time on the waiting list at Shilshole paid off.   Sorry I missed y'all at the NWMA meeting tonight, had a work dinner meeting.  
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    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Thanks for the update. I'm curious what you are doing for vibration isolation on the fisher pandas.   As more and more folks move toward electric backed by gennies, I think we need much better vibration isolation.   Should be much easier with constant rpm generators that don't require a...
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    Affordable American Made Catmarans

    Call Dick at Maine Cat, I think some of his 41s have been used in charter.  He may know number of pax.  Already open bridgedeck, so pull up the eisenglas and you are good to go.  Would be surprised if you didn't need something much bigger for 50 though.  
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    Charter in Grenada

    We paid Dream Yacht Charter a modest sum (don't remember the total $, but better than the pain and time of 2 days upwind) and they delivered the boat to St Vincent and we did a one-way charter and dropped it off in Grenada.   I mostly charter cats and like Dream Yacht as many of their boats have...
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    Buying a new sailing home

    Switch 51, they are asking $495, jump on it fast, they don't come to the market often.
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    Buying a new sailing home

    Search for Veeger on the forum, he just brought home a new Maine Cat 38, nothing like a condomaran, daggers, light weight, think he said he could do 35-40 AWA depending on sea state and wind speed.  surfs in the mid teens.  Very livable. They just announced the MC-38-LS version for "Less Stuff"...
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    EndeavorCat 30 vs Gemini 30?

    Also check out the Maine Cat 30,, if you want more performance probably easier to turbo charge than the Gemini or Endeavor.
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    She swims! (Poor man's Gunboat)

    A thing of beauty indeed ! Think I might get one :D
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    52' alloy cruising cat ketch

    Just stumbled across this from de Villiers on FB, I sailed her big sister, 62' Elcie from Tonga to Fiji 3 years ago, great sailing boat. If he can hit his numbers, his SA/D is between the Catana 47 Carbon and the Outremer 4x, not bad for a low maintenance, go anywhere, alloy boat.
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    New Wheel: Carbonautica GFC?

    Did you get one? What did it cost? Find any alternatives? Seems like many new boats have a similar looking wheel, hard to believe they are all springing for real carbon. Looking at the GFC for my boat.
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    Performance Cruisers, do they exist? new Maine Cat 38.

    Other than spending gunboat money, is a 30-40' performance cruiser possible at a more reasonable cost? Maine Cat has started to release details on the upcoming MC 38. So my questions (1) Given the specs, is routine sailing at/near wind speed into the...
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    Anyone ever sail with Elcie Expeditions?

    Just curious if anyone has experience with these folks. 62' Cat that sails off the beaten path and opportunity for some passages. I'm thinking about the upcoming Tonga-> Fiji trip at the end of August. Thanks!
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    Gunboat 40-45

    That's basically the 55. This bring up the question of what a 60' boat is, or a 40 or 45' We erroneously compare the "size" of boats by waterlines. We've seen more and more stuff jammed into shorter waterlines in the name of "more for less" and lower slip fees which results in more weight...
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    Gunboat 40-45

    Nice Boat, I wonder if it is as fast as it looks. But look at the view while sitting outside in the cockpit. You are looking at the back of the bridge deck. Compare that to: (yes the GB 55 is much bigger, but this concept can be shrunk down) as in:
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    Gunboat 40-45

    Not sure who your target market is, but I'll through my $0.02 in as I'm in the market for a smaller performance cat thats cruisable. It's all about the Grin/$ quotient. So whatever you can do to keep performance up and cost down is good. I realize that they work against each other - but that...