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    Who is stand-on?

    RULE 12 Sailing Vessels (a) When two sailing vessels are approaching one another, so as to involve risk of collision, one of them shall keep out of the way of the other as follows: (i) when each has the wind on a different side, the vessel which has the wind on the port side shall keep out of...
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    Annapolis Mooring Rant - AYC bite me

    get a life
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    Where to move in Florida?

    5 years gives you time to search.......  75 feet clearance is something to consider.....  I believe the max height on the Okeechobee  waterway is 49 feet and 65 ft on the travel from coast to coast will be mast down or around the bottom....and the ICW may have sections you can't...
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    100kg - what singlehander dinghies to sail?

    Can anyone who has sailed the 3 (M15; M14; and MC Scow) provide a hands-on comparison ??  
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    Navico bought for $1B by Brunswick Corp

    The only time I have seen any financials from Navico was from a 2012 interview with the former president at which time he provided numbers indicating 16%  EBITDA. Since then Navico has reportedly doubled gross sales(2020 was about $475 mil). The current president is said to be a sailor.  In the...
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    Navico bought for $1B by Brunswick Corp

    I have twin 350 Mercury Verado engines. They are trouble free and fuel efficient. The support from Mercury has been great. They are the best, most trouble free outboards I have owned.  When I re-power I will do Mercury.   I'm not a fan of searay or bayliner- but Brunswick does seem to do a...
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    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?
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    The Merits of a J9

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    Hunter 28.5 VS. Beneteau First 285

    The hunter 28.5 has an iron keel which may present a rust issue. The rudder on some boats suffered from water intrusion. You should check the rudder stops on the steering----some boats had flexure in the stops allowing the rudder to turn past the stop only to be caught by the stop when trying to...
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    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    So the hull shape is  defined by attaching the precut panels? No frames?    The panels are connected with zip ties? wires? or something else?  are the wire holes pre-drilled or is that the builders job? Does the final product get a covering of fiberglass cloth? It looks like you previously...
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    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    Pics of the build please .......   how is the quality of cut parts from CLC.....???
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    The Merits of a J9

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    Which boat for me?

    For me the cost of anything is the buy price, plus interest (if any), minus the sell price. If one considers they will buy a boat and keep it forever than, yes, you are correct------anything over $4k is off the table. On the other hand, some boats may be in a growing class, from a  builder...
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    Which boat for me?
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    Farr-Bavaria B/one user comments

    Rod Thanks for info.....I presume you think crew of four for ballast ?? the b-one sail controls seem quite simple....... melges 24 is a possibility.....
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    Farr-Bavaria B/one user comments

    Comments please from those of you who owned or have sailed this boat....... as to quality of build, ease of launch, sailing attributes, and fun-factor....... thanks
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    fareast 18r

    Does anyone have any firsthand experience with this boat.......sailing quality...or other insights that would be informative? thanks patch