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  1. grindit

    tp 52 crop 2018

    What sort of Fast40+ have they bought? That new Botin??
  2. grindit

    Whats the best 40ish racer / cruiser boat these days ....

    That GOA Ker39 has just been bought as a replacement for an XP38. Scotland based.
  3. grindit

    Fast 40 on a budget?

    It was on one of the berths at hamble yacht services. I couldn't see a name, it is white and I'm pretty sure it's a ker46.
  4. grindit

    Fast 40 on a budget?

    Does anyone know what the plan is for the new Ker 46 that's parked at HYS? Too big for the fast40 fleet I guess.
  5. grindit

    Fast 40 on a budget?

    Is Ino the same as Oystercatcher? Or is it Oystercatcher? Who are the four GP42's? Tokoloshe, Zephyr, Jubilee, and ?
  6. grindit

    Fastnet 2015

    Anyone any idea what happened to the Ker 46 Shakti? They have retired into the scilly isles... anyone know why?
  7. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    Do you know where the old one has gone? I've been told it's sold also.
  8. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    I see its now entered in the Warsash Spring Series, along with a Carkeek40 and Farr280.
  9. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    Did I miss something here?
  10. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    Yeah thats the only one i've seen too.
  11. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    Any more details about this class in the UK? Haven't heard a mention of any boats arriving.
  12. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    Do you know if any have been sold into the Solent?
  13. grindit

    MC38 in the UK?

    I saw it parked at Hamble yacht services this morning, and then out sailing shortly after. Seems Ancasta are trying to create a class of them on the Solent. £250k inc delivery, Norths, and B&G's
  14. grindit

    New IRC boats in Ireland

    I see the Ker39 Antix is up for sale, I've also heard a rumour that he has wanted to buy a bigger boat... anyone know what??
  15. grindit

    What happened to No Naked Flames(Slim 37)?

    Yup, now called Crazy Horse and races out of Howth Yacht Club in Dublin.
  16. grindit

    J35 Bathtub Cockpit

    I know of three in Ireland with the big cockpit, one of them is American built and the other two are Bashford's. I assume the boats in the Phillipines and Netherlands are both Bashford's?
  17. grindit

    J35 Bathtub Cockpit

    I know of one for sale in Ireland. Not exactly handy for you, but if your interested let me know and i can pass on details.
  18. grindit

    Irish IRC 2011 Season

    Anybody know what Barrington's new project is? I havent heard anything about it. I take it he got the tp52 sold? Isn't Mariner's Cove sold? Don't think Jump or Wow are sold. The new Wow is a J111.
  19. grindit

    Ker40 - latest IRC weapon?

    Have been told that the Ker40 heading for N Ireland is to be based on the south of England and used primarily for offshore racing... cross chanel races, Fastnet etc.
  20. grindit

    J35 Anarchist

    I know of three in Ireland, two are bashfords and one is tpi. Does anyone actually know how many tub cockpits were built by each builder?