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  1. danstanford

    GGR 2022

    It looked for a long while that Kirsten's future would include a few days waiting for wind but at the moment it looks like she might connect to the breeze to the north of her. Navigating the doldrums will be another huge challenge for all of them but certainly going west on starboard will put...
  2. danstanford

    GGR 2022

    Sure looking like skirting the coast of South America will pay off for Tomy over the next week or so. Windy looks like Kirsten is set for a week or so of sunbathing.
  3. danstanford

    GGR 2022

    Looks like Kirsten and Tomy will be crossing tacks as she will have to beat to the northwest for the next week or so and Tomy will be heading east and possibly a bit south in the same time frame unless he wants to also beat to the west but in different angle breezes more directly from the north.
  4. danstanford

    GGR 2022

    The next few days are a mess for her wind wise. Stuck out there with shifting light winds would be tough to plot any kind of strategy and resultant heading.
  5. danstanford

    New Beneteau First 36

    Not only do we all have to work through that phase of why does it feel like I am dragging a bucket, the solutions are often many little things and a few big ones. Next come the days when all the forgoing is sorted and you are slow again!
  6. danstanford

    windows 11 anyone using it

    No real downside as far as I can tell once you get by re-learning the menus.
  7. danstanford

    How to encourage non paying crew to pay for a crew membership?

    Our club looked at it a few years ago and for all I know may do so again. I cannot imagine asking my crew to pay for anything more than a very small amount. If they refused I could not race and the club would lose me too.
  8. danstanford

    Could sails also be solar panels?

    While your first sentence is true, I think the most acute need would be for electric boats who will possibly/probably need generation while on the water. Regen is working but does slow the speed of the boat which may end up being intolerable in some situations such as races.
  9. danstanford

    Could sails also be solar panels?

    My boat is an Oceanvolt equipped J/88 and I have seen photos of this model with solar panels sewn into the main. I understand the rigors of flaking and movement took their toll on the panels and the connections. For what it is worth, it was suggested that these sails probably would not be very...
  10. danstanford

    2022 Sydney 2 Hobart. 2h for Tatts

    So what is with Mistral's result above and in the final standings, can she be that much faster? She is a Lombard 34, not that I know anything about that particular boat, but not a 100 footer or anything.
  11. danstanford

    XYacht X4-3 Spinnaker Advice

    So you have to re-pack and launch from a bag again or do you hoist from the companionway? I could really support that method for ocean racing but on a sausage course where you have to hoist and dowse several times in a race it seems to be pretty slow.
  12. danstanford

    What is a good windward VMG?

    Doesn't that just mean the highest boat speed is at 109? Best VMG downwind varies on wind speed.
  13. danstanford

    Moving J/109 speed sensor to centerline

    Is it possible to deal with some of this difference in the calibration settings? I have never messed around with those menus in depth. I have had significant differences as well and assumed it was asymmetry somewhere in the boat or rigging.
  14. danstanford

    Recon diary

    Funny how these boats and appendages are looking pretty now where initially everything as ugly to me from the boats to the foils. Not really sure, but probably familiarity is breeding acceptance for me.
  15. danstanford

    Route du Rhum 2022

    I believe he never stopped as they were challenging what they thought was a bad penalty so it is a non-issue.
  16. danstanford

    Where they garnish Manhattans and Old Fashioneds with an olive

    They are quite different though they sometimes share the same base alcohol. Neither however has ever been served to me with an olive.
  17. danstanford

    To Those Who Have Served On A Nonprofit Board...

    To those of you suggesting that you go do the work or call the regulatory folks, please recognize your role on the team. If you bring your concerns to the board you have dealt with your responsibilities and the board now has the liability. If the board refuses to act and you see the ability and...
  18. danstanford

    To Those Who Have Served On A Nonprofit Board...

    The board is supposed to be a group mind and not an individual's perspective. You have a duty to express your views to your board in pursuit of actions you see as worthy but without a majority decision of the board you can take no action. A diverse board should have active minds from several...
  19. danstanford

    J/35 gelcoat polished to pure perfection

    Looks great!