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    Finding owners

    What sailing experience do you have? unfortunately age is a factor especially for any ‘work’ but going forwards you have the right sort of tickets to go forwards. Try yacht clubs as a good starting point!
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    Squeaking winches after service

    On the bigger winches they recommend oil on the torlon type plastic rollers bearings. squeaking wise, quite often find its the self tailer parts or rubber boots on top, etc, a thin smear of grease works wonders for that.
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    Squeaking winches after service

    Q&a Which parts do I grease and which do I oil on my Harken® winches? Grease all metal gears and roller bearings with Harken Winch Grease. It’s highly resistant to salt and fresh water, works in all temperatures, and protects against corrosion. NEVER grease pawls or springs because grease...
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    Lewmar Winches

    Try running the tip of blue flame across it briefly…. Flame polishing…
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    Furuno FI-50 & FI-70 Troubleshooting

    Is the backbone properly terminated with resistors?
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    Garmin Fenix 6 Solar Series

    I have it and love it. Battery life is great. They just released the fenix 7 if you want touch screen and more battery life…. you need a gnt 10 on your n2k network to connect your watch.
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    Trump cancels press conference….

    not even hiding their plans….   Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator, said Mr Trump brought up the issue of his impending press conference, which would have been only his second since leaving office, when they played golf at the weekend. Mr Graham said he told the former president: "There...
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    Game On - someone setting off bombs

    How could they bring in loads of extra troops to secure bag ram? part of the withdrawal deal signed last year was to reduce troop numbers to 2500, and if that wasn’t done the taliban wouldn’t respect the ceasefire against us troops? damned if you do.... damned if you don’t...
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    Air Battens?

    We used to use them fairly effectively on a big boat. C tech make them, but now we use flexifurl battens for furling jibs and they are awesome!
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    B&G H50 Wireless Handset for V50 VHF Radio

    I’d also be in the market for one Europe side if possible....
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    Complete race boat instrument system

    Try A&t.... can probably keep your displays, much simpler to calibrate / see what’s going on via web interface, just launched their own pilot too....
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    Jib Track Labeling

    Get some metal punches and stamp numbers in the heads of the bolts, permanent and simple. (If you don’t need to see from far away!)
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    Carbon Rigging Retrofit

    Having used carbolink rigging a lot I would certainly say carbon rigging is extremely chafe resistant, and happily use bare carbon headstay with hanks. running sheets and drop lines over the headstay has also caused no issues yet
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    Knots on slippery dyneema shock cord

    Robline do dyneema covered shock cord which can help neaten things up....
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    Preferred Lashing Methods - starting and finishing

    Here’s my method.... eye splice the first end of possible, always spec the line diameter for load to achieve ideally 4 -6 wraps max on the lashing, any more and there is no way it will level out the loads due to friction. apply the wraps as evenly as possible. Then take the tail though the...
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    Simrad HS90 VHF Handset cable

    I thought these were no longer in production? did they say they had stock?
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    Tanker hijack

    Looks like the SBS had a busy Sunday.....Tanker stowaways: Seven detained off Isle of Wight
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    NMEA2000 to Fastnet (B&G) converter?

    Try [email protected] not sure Tinley emails still work....
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    NMEA2000 to Fastnet (B&G) converter?

    Tinley electronics will have options...ld consider Started with Tinley, they are brilliant and the processor is designed to do exactly what you want, dual fuel so you don’t need to rewire everything! brilliant support, on a lot of bigger boats now and a very viable...
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    Equiplite Rip Off

    Thought equiplites was always based in Holland?