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    Trust Pfizer

    If your forgiveness lasts longer than 4 hrs, contact your doctor.....
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    Holy shit, Jesus Christ Superstar!

    Ian Gillan was phenomenal as Jesus in the original 1970 release....
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    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    In a Led Zep mood....
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    Using Gorilla Glue on your Hair

    LOS ANGELES, CA—Governor Gavin Newsom of California has announced he will be suing The Gorilla Glue Company for not being quite strong enough to keep his hair perfectly in place.   "I've been using Gorilla Glue in my hair for weeks now," said Newsom, "and it did not work as advertised...
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    Select lyrics from Country and Western songs

    The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends.....
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    Hal Holbrook, DTS

    An incredible filmography.....
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    Tommy Lasorda DTS

    Always had a sense of humor....
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    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    speaking of the 80s..... early Aime Mann.....   delish !
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    Random PicThread

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    '20's Grilling Thread

    Good catch !      WiFi vs Wife... maybe time to get Wife 2.0
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    '20's Grilling Thread

    Ok - let's revisit heat measurement.....   I know the mantra is don't trust the analog/rotary gauge on most grills, but I find ours (Louisiana Grills Kamado) to be relatively accurate for ambient temperature.    I tried using various probe thermometers (cheapo Amazon model which I returned and a...
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    Neil Young

    Mama Cass was also a big enabler.... legend has it CSN first harmonized in her kitchen at a party.     Paul McCartney also played one of the first pressings of Sgt Peppers (before it was released) at one of her legendary shindigs.    Upon hearing Peppers, a neighbor rolled down their window and...
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    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    The bond which created such a magical song.....
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    77 Degrees and Other Facts

    Below is a common group of social media "tips" making the rounds....  along with feedback provided by Dr Jeremy Rossman, PhD in Infectious Diseases from the Univ of Kent.     Additional info at: Dr Rossman's feedback is preceded by "***" Original...
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    Viral Economic Depression

    The re-open order came from the state Governor and Attorney General..... local City Council met yesterday and voted to re-close the island, except to residents, caretakers, essential personnel, etc.   Big FU to the State Government....
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    Corona UK

    In case anyone notices this blurb from UK.Gov: Status of COVID-19 As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases ( HCID...
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    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Here's a good one.... George Harrison wrote his 1969 #1 hit "Something" about his wife Pattie Boyd (plus other inspirations).    In 1970, Eric Clapton wrote "Layla" about his lust for the then-married Pattie (whom George would not divorce until 1977).     Clapton married Pattie in 1979, divorced...
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    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    8 hours ago, Mid said:
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    Shatner divorces, gets horse semen

    What kind of an onerous a--hole do you have to be to get divorced at 88.....