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    On behalf of a mate...

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    Mac & Cheese

    His parents must be so proud, that mac & cheese just cost them 23k for the semester he was just expelled for.
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    EYC makes the news - lawsuit over member dues

    There are consequences when you sell your vote for a cheaper membership status. If they had done a better job when setting up the "emeritus" status, they wouldn't be here, but they gave up their voting rights and now are outnumbered. Sounds like the "membership et al" voted to raise the dues...
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    8 Bells for Linc Schoenberger

    A sad day indeed, He will be missed by many on and off the water. Fair Winds
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    Who makes size 15 foul weather boots?

    Contact LeftHook, i believe his feet are that big
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    Snow Chains

    drive your own vehicle, leave the escape at the office and charge them the mileage, not worth arguing about personal safety.
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    racing courses

    harry anderson H?
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    Fair winds and following seas Mom, it was a hell of a ride.

    Condolences, 89 was quite the achievement! She's kickin' ass in heaven now :)
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    Cell phones

    check with your own provider, you may be able to use your own phone (smartphone) for additional money. Planning to to the same for a trip to europe. cheaper than screwing around with a second phone.
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    1/2 of Employer Plans to be Canceled Under Obamacare

    Gee, we should ask the people on NY. NJ and CT how that nationalized flood insurance is working, since claims still aren't paid a year later or are paid ten cents on the dollar despite the contracted amounts. You really want the Government in charge of that?
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    Deputies kill boy carrying replica assault rifle

    anyone willing to wager that the kid didn't speak english? Maybe a message to the immigrant community, learn the language! the cops are not going to command you to drop your weapon in spanish, chinese, korean or whatever else. Drop means drop!
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    Home Sale - how to avoid commission to realtor that didn't do the

    I personally would be very wary of this so called buyer who originally low balled you by 70k and comes back outside of a broker. Seems too good to be true, and more like a contractual nightmare. If you are both entertaining screwing with the realtor, rest assured this buyer will be screwing...
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    the day we all feared... Left Hook is 21....

    Ahh for his birthday, I think he owes the rest of us drinks! Happy Birthday Wes!
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    Caption Contest / Win something from Clean's TNZ-AC Video :-0

    looks like the front fell off
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    Would you pay a deposit to schedule health care appointment?

    If the Dr. charges a deposit, can I then charge back for my time when the Dr. is running an hour and a half late? Consideration is a two way street. If the office staff is over booking patients and the Dr(s) are consistenly late, I don't see where a deposit will help.
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    Hey Four Eyes!

    just wait 20/15 wont last forever!
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    Aging Parents and Finances

    If sil is so worried about her "license", I would suggest that an independent audit would reassure everyone involved. If she disagrees call her out on it as any licensed individual would welcome a true audit to remove any doubt. (of course I would tape the entire conversation)
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    Have to go to Hauppage this Sunday

    unless you can fly in....I wouldn't go. 90% without power
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    Seventh Heaven

    Bump! Glad to hear that MSG is "living on and sailing" in this regatta
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    Annual Around Long Island Race Offical Thread

    You can always submit the appeal to US ailing and copy all of the regatta sponsors. That might wake up the OA.