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    US ILCA 7 representative for Paris 2024

    I am currently over 200lbs so should probably exclude myself from consideration. But I don't have to hike hard upwind which is a plus at 53 years old!
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    Curious - How Old Is Everybody?

  3. LFL

    What was the first boat you owned?

    Topper as well. I think $900 brand new from a dealer in California (1983). I know I still have the invoice in a folder somewhere. Upgraded to a Laser II in time for college.
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    Craigslist Finds
  5. LFL

    Lido 14 Hoist Bridle

    Our fleet makes due with the same one we use for weighing classic Lidos - 45" on each of the three cables, keeping a small line on the aft one to adjust for balance.  Attaches at the aft end of the CB trunk and at the shroud attachments which are usually U bolts.  I've only seen those shroud...
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    Random PicThread

    Yeah, Dad used an 11-C working at HP, bought me the 15-C to take to college.  I think you can still buy a new 12-C which is pretty amazing as it was introduced in 1981.
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    Random PicThread

    Still have mine...
  8. LFL

    Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???

    Do they varnish the wooden grab rails as part of an upgrade package?
  9. LFL

    Where are the U.S. mostly Texas Sunfish sailors hanging out at?

    Wait for the water level to drop?
  10. LFL

    Modern Fireball?

    Tasars might just be Seattle & B.C. at this point.  Seattle is hosting Worlds in 2022
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    Solo, laser or supernova?

    I agree with this - at my club and events I travel to, people with the same boats tend to spend more time ashore together... and not just to discuss the boat.
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    Sunfish Worlds- Day 1- lots of equipment failures

    Aft storage cutout, splashrail and recessed area around the daggerboard slot... Phantom?
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    Craigslist Finds
  14. LFL

    RIP Bruce Kirby

    Took my Laser out on Monday for the first time this year.  Blowing 15-20 for a while and it took my aging body some time to remember what to do.  But I eventually re-figured it out, just like every year going back a few decades - thanks for the fun Mr. Kirby!
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    U.S. WW2 Military Records

    Thanks for the tips everyone.  My grandfather passed away when I was teen, 30+ years ago and he wasn't much for talking about the war after he returned from overseas.  Just a few snippets to various family members who are having trouble recalling details at this point.
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    U.S. WW2 Military Records

    I'm interested in learning more about my grandfather's WW2 military service.  I understand many individual service records were lost in a fire (1973).  I know where he did his basic training, his Army Division, and that he served in the Pacific.  Does anyone have experience with military record...
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    New ZIM ILCA's

    Gonna take forEVER to reach 100+ pages in this thread with that limitation...  ;)
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    Mystery Dingy- What is this?

    Old thread on another site with more pictures - interesting aft storage compartment.
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    Craigslist Finds

  20. LFL

    Craigslist Finds

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