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  1. teamvmg

    Mighty Merloe

    The reason that the Jules Verne starts and finishes where it does is that it gives a course length of 21,600 miles - which is the circumference of the planet
  2. teamvmg

    Catamaran "888"possibly lost at sea

    The skipper didn't come out of that very well!
  3. teamvmg

    Is it just me

    Sorted out a quote of $4995 to get the Diam to Brunswick on a weekly Ro-Ro ship
  4. teamvmg

    Is it just me

    Yes road trailer, dolly trailer [on castors] and launching trolley [Big wheels]. so could go on a ro-ro too.
  5. teamvmg

    Is it just me

    DIAM 24 in the UK. £22,000 You supply the container and we will pack it in there
  6. teamvmg

    Reefing setup (hooks, boom clutches, etc)

    weld 2 of these side-by-side and form an eye in the point with the weld to get a line into
  7. teamvmg

    Catamaran "888"possibly lost at sea

  8. teamvmg

    Escape hatches on Woods Flica 35

    An escape hatch doesn't have to be a fitted/ independent item or have any perspex. Cut a hatch hole out of the hull and use that as the hatch with a flag fitted to the indie of the hull. This also get over not have enough flat surface where you want it to fit a manufactured hatch
  9. teamvmg

    Raquel Welch DTS

    My kids generation know her best for her role in the Shawhank Redemption!
  10. teamvmg

    Catamaran "888"possibly lost at sea

    it was on the market. was that the new owner?
  11. teamvmg

    Older fast Aus multies

    Seen afloat in the Yacht haven at Cowes a few weeks ago.
  12. teamvmg

    Stop the press , just bought 2 f40s, and 3 Marstrom 32s, Partners needed, for real!

    They agreed cover before the purchase, the purchase went ahead, then they withdrew cover! pretty crappy business model!
  13. teamvmg

    Curved mast

    PITA to hoist the sail though
  14. teamvmg

    Older fast Aus multies

    What is this beamy beast seen on the 18footers coverage?
  15. teamvmg

    Mighty Merloe

    Yes, But what is the record for a single handed 60 footer?
  16. teamvmg

    Outboard motor storage?

    Leave it on the dinghy?
  17. teamvmg

    UK Round the Island Race - where were the big boats?

    Yes. A 24 footer was leading till the the last section
  18. teamvmg

    Sharpie Marker on sailcloth?

    Used to let the kids go nuts with the markers. the spinnakers were trash after a racing season anyhow
  19. teamvmg

    Glassing inside radius stiffeners - getting the glass to lay flat

    Looks like 0-90 in the picture. could try 2 layers of thinner fabric  if you do fillets along the edge, put the glass straight on before the filler cures, saves rubbing down/prep and it will stick like s..t

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