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  1. overdraft

    SailGP - Fan Owned Team - What Should It Be Called?

    Boaty McBoatface
  2. overdraft

    Spinlock XCS cluth disassembly problem

    good luck! it'll be worth the effort when you get there, those ceramic cams are awesome.
  3. overdraft

    Lewmar Needle peen winch drum surface

    drilling dimples might be too grippy... I remember when Frederiksen came out with ratchet blocks that had a conventional looking sheave with holes drilled around the circumference rather than an polygonal center à la Harken... they looked badass but everyone complained you couldn't ease the lines...
  4. overdraft

    Block cheeks - Alu or G10/carbon?

    FIFY! but seriously, might take a bit of time for there to be a structural issue, but the SS will certainly start puking rust almost immediately...
  5. overdraft

    How would you improve this?

    if you had the grand prix style fold down ones you could snip your toes off... moral of the story, don't be dumb?
  6. overdraft

    How would you improve this?

    $30 a side... done in a day.
  7. overdraft

    Vintage 1969ish Club Race Video

    So many questions... Why did they pick such a small jib? Why is there a string wound around the end of the boom? Why did they leave the topping lift on the whole race? Why didn’t they hoist the kite all the way? Why didn’t they hoist the jib before they dropped the kite? Why is there someone...
  8. overdraft

    Cool As Shit Little Known One Designs

    Trapez designed by Paul Elvstrom
  9. overdraft

    what is it?

    T-Bird on Viagra?
  10. overdraft

    too soon?

    I'm going with Sunrise just because it looks like a kind of badass giant moore24
  11. overdraft

    Rigging an Asymmetric Tack line "Martin Breaker"

    I think you might be trying to be a bit too gucci... you're going to run the tack out before hoisting so it won't be loaded yet and you're already going through a clutch to a winch if you want to adjust the tackline while sailing so I think the 2:1 tackline isn't going to deliver much utility...
  12. overdraft

    Mast bracket falling off my carbon mast...

    ok if the table says so! I was just going on what I’ve seen in the wild which is that I’ve seen carbon sails eat stainless rings in no time, but aluminum seems to play nicer.
  13. overdraft

    Mast bracket falling off my carbon mast...

    Aluminum Rivnuts? Less reactive than stainless... ideal for thin wall applications where you can't get behind to put on a nut. They're often problematic because there's a flange that means fittings can't mount flush, but it doesn't sound like this would be an issue with a bracket?
  14. overdraft

    Mast bracket falling off my carbon mast...

    what was the nature of the well nut failure? well nuts are used extensively on motorcycles which jiggle around a helluva lot more than boats. I thought it was going to be the perfect solution because of the insulating factor... cf and ss are not friends... 
  15. overdraft

    I feel the need...the need for speed

    I stand corrected! 
  16. overdraft

    I feel the need...the need for speed

    well I just watched the Colbert interview clip and I was delighted to learn that I've been doing it wrong all these years... Jennifer tells Tom to add backstay to keep power in the sails... who knew? On a less dink-ish note, at least it was a real sail boat really sailing...
  17. overdraft

    How to service ball bearing cam cleats?

    They also skipped how the rebuild kit is 50% of the new price so if you lose even one of the balls in a 'spring event' the second rebuild kit you buy for the one bearing gets you back to the cost of buying a new one with zero effort...
  18. overdraft

    White Smoke

    what YOU need is a smoke injector and some new smoke.... when the smoke comes out things stop working... if you can get it back in it should start working again...  :D
  19. overdraft

    Lashing a D-Ring to a Spinnaker Pole

    hmm... 12 foot pole? unless it's a penalty pole you've got a 12 foot J... 30 footer? That's near the top end for endo gybes never mind a center picker...  Is there a reason you don't want a bridle? @Soley is right about how shit loads up as you scale up... 
  20. overdraft

    Masthead sheave box - converting from cable

    goddam inflation... my 2¢

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