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  1. Rando


    We had an issue with our Atlas 1. I was impressed and pleased with the Sales Support team at Vakaros. We got ourselves an Atlas 2. It is brighter, crisper, and has a better battery. I like the wireless charging. We are still learning the new features of the new unit.
  2. Rando

    where in the world

    That style of bridge is a cantilever truss bridge. This one slightly unusual with two main spans. A common type of bridge until recent decades. Now cable-stayed bridges are in fashion (and can in fact be a quite efficient type of bridge). I know a fair bit about bridges, work for a bridge...
  3. Rando

    STC BI Race

    We practiced for a few hours, tested a few sails.  Our instruments read into the mid-20' but might have been over-reading a bit.  Definitely not boat-breaking conditions.  Kudos to Dawn for getting her teams some useful experience.   I see both sides to the cancelation.  I lean towards "Should...
  4. Rando

    Who’s boat?

    With 99.44% confidence:  Fortissimo 2, one of the few IC37's with twin wheel steering instead of a tiller.  
  5. Rando

    Team NYYC

    I would like to see the "SailX" syndicate compete for USA.  Elon Musk has a lot of good controls systems engineering talent at Tesla, SpaceX, probably Boring Co., too. And he's got money. 
  6. Rando

    espo is a dick

    Came out of retirement (self-imposed exile?) this past weekend? Calling tactics on the scratch boat at AYC? 
  7. Rando

    In the slings at Norwalk Cove

    It'll buff out? 
  8. Rando

    8 Bells for Tony Esposito.

    This is a sad loss for the Esposito family, team Hustler, and the sport of sailing.  God bless you, Tony, and your family. 
  9. Rando

    Would you crew on a boat where the owner has 'opposite' political views?

    I've had the good fortune to sails with folks of both major political opinions.  Strongly held beliefs.  Implacable, even. 95% or 99% of the time we are busy talking about sailing while on the boat.  Politics (and sports) are distractions from racing.  I've snapped at teammates to "talk about...
  10. Rando

    Moosehead Awards

    NYYC should have earned one for the Annual Regatta (but not sure if geographically they are in the "jurisdiction" of the esteemed Moosehead competition.)
  11. Rando

    AYC Spring Series 2019

  12. Rando

    Vineyard Race 2018

  13. Rando

    video evidence

    I was in the race.  I know divisions 2+ were sent on a different course from division PHRF 1 and IRC 1.  I would have thought their course was shorter than the 13-miler Division 1 sailed.  That might mean that the fleet scoring is not entirely accurate when comparing the divisional results, but...
  14. Rando

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    I will participate.
  15. Rando

    Vineyard Race 2017

    In with the 57-footer.
  16. Rando

    espo is a dick

    WB, Alan.  
  17. Rando

    I need a new phone, you make the call

    No 6, I just saw this thread. You have received a bunch of good info above, and a very good phone. Your new phone is water resistant not water proof. There is a difference. But water resistant is a pretty good defence against casual splashes. Me, I use a Sony Xperia Z3 which is waterproof...
  18. Rando

    Moosehead 2015

    Edith, thanks for the clarifications. I hadn't realized that the Moosehead Committee actually had a "positive" award. We usually snicker about RC disasters and ask ourselves, "Moosehead?" My vote for "could have gone a LOT better" would have been Gearbuster.
  19. Rando

    vineyard race 2015....a little over a week to go

    In on the flying dinosaur. Yep wind looks dismal, I agree that forecasts so far out are bound to change.
  20. Rando

    VOR Leg 9 Lorient to Gothenburg via The Hague

    My tracker isn't working on this computer. What do we figure Alvi's margin is until the next boat arrives? Anybody have a forecast for wind / current for the restart?

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