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    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Screenshot from Hamachi’s 2022 PacCup video.
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    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Any idea on Reinrag’s story?
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    Pretty sure the 18-footer JJ Giltinan is the best spectator event in sailing

    For the last twenty years at least, maybe twenty five.
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    SeaCart 30s in NorCal

    Here’s from on the boat….it was very light.
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    SeaCart 30s in NorCal

    Not that I’m aware of. Except for the one that came to the Caribbean from Europe I haven’t heard of any in North America. Don’t know where that one is now.
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    SeaCart 30s in NorCal

    Start and finish shots from yesterday’s Corinthian Race. Photo courtesy of SlackwaterSF. Classic winter conditions with about ten different wind directions, all of them light. 3.7 hours around a thirteen mile track.
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    Mighty Merloe

    It’s a very sad and very public way for one of the best boats ever to die.
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    Mighty Merloe

    She just started a refit at KKMI after sitting for a long time. Don’t know who’s funding it.
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    Mighty Merloe

    I’m afraid his definition of fixed is different than mine. Did they use an oven to post cure the repair site after the second vacuum bagging?
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    SeaCart 30s in NorCal

    Rounding TI in the 3BF, sporting our new Ullman Sails Gennaker.
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    2023 three bridge strategy

    Top multihull started second to last of the multihulls. Top monohull started last of the monos. Nice reversal on last year where the fast boats were hosed long before they started.
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    New boat for solo/double for inshore, Vic-Maui, Transpac and cruising

    That’s a beautifully built and sorted Riptide-30. The first one ever built, so I’d guess it’s a mk1…
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    SeaCart 30s in NorCal

    Beautiful sailing yesterday, trying out the new A-1 on Bottle Rocket. So happy to have all the big sails on furlers with all the double handed racing on the schedule.
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    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Jim don’t do “as is.”
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    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    It's 6x4:1.... not sure what you're seeing.
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    Two Sturdy Buckets

    These work surprisingly well, but they’re $23 each.
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    Olson 30 vs New Modern 30' Boats

    The side to side pipe of the 11m boat I sailed on was 100mm in diameter. We got most of the water over in about 20 seconds and then topped up the new tank after the tack while draining the last bit out of the old. So, yes, probably a minute total.
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    TransPac 2023

    I think Arsenal is going.
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    Olson 30 vs New Modern 30' Boats

    Not sailing on one now. Almost exclusively on multihulls. Sailed a lot on Ripple and Dark Star and a bit on an Open-50.