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    Jib battens

    I aksed for battens on my self-tacking jib, hoping it would give it a bit more surface / power, but it just created 3 atrocious protubreances on the leech, i cannot beleive that the added surface (if any) was compensatiing this drag (the sail was built by a VERy reputable sailmaker, I have to...
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    Any info about this interesting mini?

    and, surprise, there is info… des Minis/567.htm
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    In our enthusiasm for UKR we might overlook that according to US military (as reported in NYT) the attrition rate of UKR troops is about 1:1 to RU, and then in addition UKR loses civilians, infra etc. So unless the new weapons make a real change, attrition will not play in favor  of UKR at all.
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    small dingy

    I use this for a while: (looks better in grey !) it does carries 2 adults in flat seas. works without the floorboards, which saves weight well built and functional (goos oarlocks)
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    it can turn from small-scale to intercontinental scale about 12 hours, according to a recent simulation by US university (source FTimes, today).
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    Starting offshore racing - help a newbie....

    Cowes - le Havre ? Well, it is very specific, but one thing not to mess up with, will be the cargo lanes - especially if you cross them at night. Make sure to have in each watch a crew who knows how to handle that - track the bearing, understand the light, figure out which is the pointy end on...
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    Boat for sale

    I had issues too, about 3 days ago, posted msg to support, un-answered, but  the next morning my ad popped up.
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    Minitransat 650- plans for amateur building in plywood

    did you check David Reard ? (try his facebook page, his site is down somehow). 
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    Ryan was mentioning the other tri UseitAgain going round the Horn right now- 60ft but still have to negociate with the weather…. Go Ryan !!! 
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    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Maybe this long thread could conclude here, with this post - a firework showing  how Brexit is pushing the UK towards its mean, tactical, xenophobic inclinations.  Each item on this list could have been played to the advantage of the UK. Look instead at what are the gains put forward. And...
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    Well! TimBatsea discovers "mystery ship." Bu He discusses at the very end.

    it is indeed a sail power transport. Launched in 2020 out of Morlaix (France): Crew 3 or 4. Carries 50 metric tons of cargo. 26 refrigerated pallets. It seems it is privately operated, working for a cocoa/cofee trader ...
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    Used Tri's

    Well, tris also cost more NEW, isnt’t it? Also - it depends also of the  reference unit: measured by inside volume tris are very expensive. By waterline length: expensive. By boatspeed they are cheaper, and that’s exacltky why there is a market.
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    Mini 6.50 for cruising

    Want a boat to use to have fun and go fast in the med in the summer, learn to sail solo, and visit some cool places.I was just asking, assuming the spartan living isn't a problem, if this was an utterly stupid idea and why.= not stupid, minis are seaworthy, fast, and interesting to sail. I...
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    Mini transat 2021

    No doubt that Melwin and Kristian were in their right to continue, as skippers, and it is normal that they get their finish. This being  said, the controversy is legitimate  … as mentioned, there was a precedent, in 1993 same circumstances (Biscay, but much bigger blow). Organizers asked the...
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    Mini transat 2021

    Kudos as well to 719 Piers Copham, he continued saililng (got hit the hardest at Cap Finisterre it seems - probably much harsher conditions than Melvin Finck). Well done. He was quite behind, so he is still only 12 in proto, which is a meagre reward for his tenacity, but I hope he now enjoys...
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    Mini transat 2021

    Well, from what I see on the tracker, he is right now in the thick of it. And in 3 hours he should get a nice West shift, if he is in operating condition, he should be able to move on to Canaries. I would HATE sitting in Camariñas (or wherever) and seeing this happening - the youngest gets away...
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    Mini transat 2021

    I dont think there is any time dispensation, if 920 arrives first (in Séries), he wins the first stage. yes a mini can take 50 kts, but you want sea-room. Plus, off this coast the sea state will be bad, I assume. 
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    Mini transat 2021

    it seems now that ALL the fleet - except the 4 leaders - is heading for shelter - bar maybe this young German guy ? In 1993 or so Thierry Dubois did the same - ignored the calls to head for safety and ended first in his class.  Hope for #920 it works - he has a bad strech of lee coast ahead of...
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    Leaving dock singlehand with a crosswind

    In this situation I more or less succeed by: pre set my helm angle  walk my boat forward on the slip, and tie it with a (doubled) midhsip line that is going round the cleat which is at the end of the slip (the bowline is removed) get engine in gear, idle release stern line, stern...
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    Sun Fast 3300

     ice vid, thks. I am surprised at the amount of hand-steering they do. Of course they are highly skilled,   so they might drive better than the auto would, but still…