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  1. pudge

    Keep Your Pros on the Dock

    Are they paying you for your daily rants? I hope so.
  2. pudge

    Bring Back the Reach

    We primarily do Gold Cup, it keeps everyone satisfied but maybe not happy.
  3. pudge

    Block Island Race - Now Requiring AIS Transponder, Really??

    It's not a bad idea to have one anyways, how much is your life worth to you? $300 plus tax?
  4. pudge

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I'd say last resort would be to lay the boat on its side like a skiff.
  5. pudge

    Ketchup - Sailor's breakfast of champions (and apparently lunch and dinner)

    Great documentary on dirtbag climbing legend Fred Beckey. He was a big fan of ketchup soup.
  6. pudge

    Cayard out at US Failing

    Because most of the board will be dead by then?
  7. pudge

    Cayard out at US Failing

    Very similar. They went all in on a lighter material even after all the data suggested otherwise.
  8. pudge

    Hydrofoil Generation

    Hot off the press on Steam:
  9. pudge

    Scooter's Podca$t: what's it worth?

    Well put, I started as a kid but knew it would be a lifelong endeavor.
  10. pudge

    Scooter's Podca$t: what's it worth?

    Wasn't Scot a radio host for years?
  11. pudge

    U$ $ailing: How much is it worth to ya?

    One thing some clubs (mtn bike and this one below) are providing their members is gap insurance, it might make membership viable, but then again you could purchase on your own. Otherwise, to me, it's just a charity.
  12. pudge

    Douche calling a Douche cuz he ain't adverting on SA's phsamous phailure Crew Wanted (bare) thread?

    Unrelated but I don't care: I still am befuddled by the whole "buy an add" crowd 20 years later. It's like $30 to post.
  13. pudge

    New Netflix movie on Jessica Watson

    This is pretty crazy too
  14. pudge

    New Netflix movie on Jessica Watson

    A lot of things...
  15. pudge

    EPIRB PLB vs MOB Beacon

    It makes it useless jumping from one boat to another without re-programming, which is a PIA.
  16. pudge

    FULL Body Layer

  17. pudge

    New solo RTW attempt on 60 foot tri

    I'm in.
  18. pudge

    FULL Body Layer

    Kim Kardashian convinced me to buy this for Halloween a few years ago and am considering taking it offshore, any reasons as to why it would not be the ultimate layer? (especially off watch)
  19. pudge

    Yacht/Sailing Clubs With Really Good Websites for Marketing Purposes

    Still looking for a good site.