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    Offshore harnesses / PFDs, yet again

    Haven't been offshore in a dog's age. What are the cool kids liking for harnesses / PFDs / harness-PFD combos these days?
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    douchebag of the day

    "We can't have peace here in my village because 100 years ago, a guy from that other village had a goat, and the goat got into my grandfather's garden and ruined it. Therefore, the people in that other village are all assholes and we are at war with them."
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    douchebag of the day

    3x the damages is the standard remedy spelled out in the law ( (which, of course, has no bearing on the actual douchiness of this guy)
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    So, my husband is doing a couple of TransAts

    Shortly after my friend (who has a gorgeous daughter the same age as my daughter; they were both about 17 at the time...) became commodore, I said, in a pensive moment as the two of us were leaning on the rail looking off at the distance, "Amazing how much less funny all those 'commodore's...
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    LED light bulb warning

    There's more to it than color temperature. Also look at
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    Is Yngling the biggest joke in the Olympics?

    Completely tangentially, many, many moons ago, for the entire time that I sailed in the same fleet as this great guy ( I just assumed that he was the designer of the Olympic class that bore his...
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    Looking for crew on a Finn ?

    In terms of size and strength, wouldn't two mere mortals pretty much add up to one Finn sailor?
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    Botched execution

    Is it reasonable to believe that most people who oppose the death penalty would continue to oppose it, even if it were to be conclusively proven to be a good deterrent, and most people who support the death penalty would continue to support it, even if it were to be conclusively proven not to...
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    Not so free speech

    The difference, of course, is that Brandeis is a private institution and can invite or uninvite whomever they please, and can, on their private property and among those who voluntarily associate with the institution, make continued permission to be on the property or continued association with...
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    Jeb Bush: I’m thinking about running for president in 2016

    Not at all similar. Christie is a governor; we have ample data on which to judge how he would run the executive branch. Warren is a legislator; we have no idea what her management skills or style or approach to executive leadership might be. Electing people to the presidency who have no prior...
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    Botched execution

    I dunno, Jesus was quoted as having said, "Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone." And Gandhi , "The problem with 'an eye for an eye' is that it eventually makes the whole world blind." But, who the hell are they, anyhow. They obviously don't understnad the world we live in.
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    How many racism deniers are there here?

    Sorry, Randall Kennedy
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    How many racism deniers are there here?

    Yes, openly racist attitudes were more common in 1950s than they are now, but not eveyrone in 1950 was a putz, and Sterling has demonstrated himself to be a putz on numerous occasions.
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    How many racism deniers are there here?

    Mark, I believe that's not reflective of reality. There are large numbers of Muslim immigrants in England and Europe who are not integrated *not* because they were culturally excluded, but because they came without the slightest intention of becoming English, or French, or whatever. On the...
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    How many racism deniers are there here?

    I'll paraphrase Lee Kennedy, author of "Race, Crime, and the Law" ... "I've heard many times the argument that to be racist you must have power, and therefore that blacks cannot be racist. You know, a guy might be a broken down old homeless guy in the street, and by the conventional measure he...
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    Ever Been In a Deposition?

    I think the witness did very well in dealing with an asshole questioner. I think the opposing lawyer did a crappy job of objecting. In this particular case, the question "Do you have a photocopy machine" is not nearly as obvious as you might think. Let's say you have a smart phone, with which...
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    20 questions anarchy

    Are you thinking of Bob Hope's moobs? And yes, I did just throw up in my mouth a little
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    Is your jury armed?

    Sometimes people get really pissed at witnesses, too. By that logic should they be carrying?
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    Is your jury armed?

    Exactly. Back in college, the guy who checked IDs for students entering our dorm was an Israeli guy, former IDF soldier, who was in grad school. There were a couple of ultra-Orthodox kids who were always wanting to be let in without showing ID on Saturdays, on the claim that they were...
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    Router Names - What you got?

    Visible from my house: "GetYourOwn!", "QuitMoochingSignal", and "WeGonnaFindYou"