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    Where to get used sails?

    We have 4 or 5 spins that would fit. A couple are fairly new. They're in Boston in our sail locker. These are racing sails and a couple have patches but no holes. We're basically trying to make room in the locker. They were serviced annually at our sailmaker.
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    Fiberglass repair recommendation.

    There is a product called InstaMorph that is easily shaped and is an ideal product for use a backing plate for repairs that require one. It is plastic pellets activated by hot water and can be shaped to plug the inside V and also bend around the interior bulkhead. Stuff can be reactivated with...
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    How do I measure the weight of my keel

    The rule of thumb that I've been told is 0.25 ballast to displacement ratio for older race boats and closer to 0.35 for older racer cruisers. Hope that helps a little with an estimate. I worked on a project on an old J/N that did what you are proposing without removing the keel. An architect...
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    Cal 40 Shaft Removal Problems

    Have you tried using wedges while rotating the shaft?
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    Slippery Harken Winches

    I'll get the photos but I can describe it fairly easily. The original knurling was like fine sandpaper on both the 45 and 480. The new knurling has a layer of the abrasive type knurling and approx 3mm contiguous squares etched over the top of it. These winches are probably 6 years old and I...
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    Looking for Ockam 044 Maxi display

    We have a spare 044 that is close to new. Owner said to sell it.
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    Keeping ears dry
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    Need a Splicing How To

    On another note, I have tried every brand of compact butane torch including Snap On and they have all failed in some way. I was in a cooking supply shop with my wife and she pointed out a torch used for creme brulee. I figured there was no way this would work because it didn't cost an arm and a...
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    Slippery Harken Winches

    I had 4 drums re-knurled by Harken this winter with great success. The grip pattern on the smaller 44's was changed to a newer pattern as well.
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    To splice or not to splice

    I have been tapering halyards about 4 feet and using a brummel splice. I cow hitch the shackle so it can be removed without cutting the halyard. Then it can be used as a spare or cut back and a new eye spliced. Never had one break. By the way, the spliced eye shown in your photo is very well done.
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    Another Bay Area Anarchist gets FLICKED!

    I am done with all the shit in almost every forum on SA. Fair winds brothers and sisters.
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    Companionway or Dodger mod/addition

    Perhaps you could modify the teak tread on the bridge deck with a piano hinge that flips the tread into place to become a water dam.
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    Performance Cruisers – IRC contradiction?

    Since past performance relies on so many variables, I contacted and contracted Mark Mills to help sort through the various boats we were looking at with an eye toward a new boat or remodeling our existing boat to compete in IRC. I think it cost $1000 US. It helped to eliminate opinions and...
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    head needs new cup leather

    Ebay has a lot of heads under search for marine toilets. No WC but lists a lot of discount suppliers. Clicking on their stores might help. By the way, I think you need a drum skin if you plan to make your own part. You soak it for quite some time , shape it and let it dry hard. The amount of...
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    Reefing question

    I was taught to use a timber hitch around the boom by some oldtimers. Have used it for a long time. This knot is easy to tie and adjust.
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    Boston VOR stop

    My wife has connections to Seaport Hotel. She could get a block of rooms for SAers if they promise to behave. We do not receive any compensation for this. She is also a very good negotiator. Email if interested. I asssume I have not broken any rules with this post.
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    Boston Area Dinghy Clubs

    I second Cottage Park in Winthrop. Ask for Ernie Hardy. And you can bowl there.
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    Tuning numbers for B&R rig H28.5

    I was trained to do most of the tuning for a B&R rig on the ground. Please excuse me if you know this. The rig is set up with on the ground with pre-bend. Measurements are taken between the maximum arc ( approximately placed at the balance point of the spar) and a baseline string run...
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    Radom sizing

    I regularly use both 18" and 24" antennaes. Both are mast mounted and both work well. If it were me, I would choose the 18" on a leveling bracket. I tried to find information that compared the performance of the unit with various mounting options but found nothing other than the claim that...
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    The Embattled MR CLEAN

    Would the fact that the boat was named Relentless add irony?