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    momma says daddy can buy a chain saw

    If you're not going to be using it all day every day or far away from electricity, it's worth thinking about an electric one - we've got a Stihl MSA 200 C-B battery saw with a 14" bar and it's been really perfect for our needs - the battery lasts longer than my arm does, no need to worry about...
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    adventure 40

    It's still around? I thought it was a cool initial concept, and close to something I'd be interested in, but that's the problem with it also, I think - it's close. I suspect most folks who would be interested in buying one all have their own ideas of what they want, so would want to...
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    SV Seeker Trucking right along at 4.7kts as of 13:25 eastern time...
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    Ever watch 'Das Boot' and want to go Cruising?

    You're right - it is kind of miraculous that it's not any lower in the water with all the extra crap on there - I guess it's pretty empty of of fluids and stuff since it's for sale, but still...
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    Ever watch 'Das Boot' and want to go Cruising?

    You'd have to put an interior in it too - all that bare aluminum would be dripping condensation constantly and since the only source of heat is the two alternators under your bunk, it would be pretty miserable. I'd kinda view it more like buying a bare hull with a rig and some parts, except...
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    Ever watch 'Das Boot' and want to go Cruising?

    She's not - it's supposed to be a Van de Stadt Helena. I've got the study plans for the boat. It looks like he built the shoal draft keel version, and it is definitely sitting low in the water vs the study plans:
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    DD15 vs Raymarine Linear - Autopilot drive

    I've got a type 1 linear drive on a 20,000lb cruising boat - been bulletproof for 10,000+ miles so far on this drive. The boat came with two, the original installed one failed (clutch went) a few months after we bought it, so swapped in the other and it's been fine ever since. Was able to ship...
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    Mooring in the med - but bow to quay (not stern-to)

    It varies, but often those mooring lines are attached to the quay by thin weighted "sand lines", so you need to get one end of the boat on the dock, then grab the mooring line and walk it back to your stern. The other option is of course having them on a buoy or some such that you have to pick...
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    NYT article on the fighting around Vuhledar:
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    John Kretschmer dismasting

    The other reason that hasn't come up much yet in favor of composite chainplates is that they don't leak - a big benefit of aluminum/steel chainplates on those respective hull materials as well. I think pretty much every glass boat I've ever been on with the standard stainless chainplate through...
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    Panama to Florida - April May ?EarlyJune?

    I've done that trip once in January - straight shot from Colon to Key West on a Challenge 72. A bit rough out the gates at Colon, and we had one front to deal with coming in to Key West, but wasn't a bad trip on a boat that was seriously upwind/big waves oriented. If you need to rely on the...
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    Electric Outboard?

    There's a whole thread over in CA about electric outboards that I started several years ago asking a similar question - a lot of folks adding their own 2 cents. I finally used a borrowed Torqueedo 1103 this past summer on a 10' inflatable for going back and forth to the mooring - it was...
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    GGR 2022

    Concon is the closest thing to a yachting center near Valparaiso - I stopped there in 2012 for a haul out and some repairs on a circumnavigation. There was a travel lift and a marina / yacht club, and everyone was very welcoming, but pretty much jack-all in terms of marine trades / chandleries...
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    GGR 2022

    Both Kirsten and Abhilash have gybed north - looks like Don has learned at least from the last round not to "tell" them what to do, just to give "suggestions" and to couch it in lots of ass covering language. WEATHER ALERT: ON the 7th FEB at approx. 1200UTC a large intense low will pass over...
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It's like it was built by Doug's alter ego...
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Even there - I can't imagine the amount of dripping condensation coming off all that bare interior metal - yeuch.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Not on Craigslist, but I walked by this boat in the water at Port Townsend this weekend and looked at the brokerage listing - I never in a million years would have guessed that this started out as a Van de Stadt design. That hard dodger certainly never came off their board... If the listing...
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    SV Seeker

    As I'm sure you're aware, Albatross was initially a very seaworthy design which was heavily modified by subsequent owners (changing rig, adding heavy boats above deck) without consulting a naval architect, which led to its loss. A sister ship which was not so modified (eye of the wind) is still...
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    Me! I did it!
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    Nothing to see here

    Looks like the prop blades are snapped off to me too