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  1. Peenstone

    So where do you sail?

  2. Peenstone

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Going to be a nice weekend.  Slight chance (20%) of light showers, but breeze throughout Friday and Sat.  Will be there in the multi-hull class.
  3. Peenstone

    Chesapeake Marina/Location Recommendations - fall/winter/spring

    I kept our boat in Hampton for 15 years prior to moving north to Mystic.  I still have a small townhouse in Williamsburg VA to allow my wife & I to see family and friends.  We remain members of Hampton YC after being here in Mystic for the last 6 years- it's a great place with great sailors...
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    Motorcycle Threads

    Back in it after many years of 4 wheeling the family.  Now, enjoying a couple of rides- this is my fav. '96 Trident 900, 13K miles. es here to attach, or choose files... Other Media  Max total size: 9.77 MB Uploaded Images    
  5. Peenstone

    RIP Bruce Kirby

    Sorry to read of his passing.  He had an exciting, long life and has a place in sailing history.
  6. Peenstone

    thru hulls close or open

    Yup, same here.  Double clamp the raw water intake for engine cooling and keep it open.  You will never overheat your engine when you're in a hurry to get off the mooring.
  7. Peenstone

    Retro Boat - Olson 30?

    Bitter, Angry Mr. Meat Head.
  8. Peenstone

    Retro Boat - Oddities

    Definitely bring on The Mac's.
  9. Peenstone

    Shipping a sailboat

    Cheers! burp.
  10. Peenstone

    Shipping a sailboat

    Shipped our O-34 from Upstate NY (Rochester area) to Hampton Roads, VA in 2009.  Cost at that time was just over $3K.  You can find deals if your timeline is flexible through U-Ship .
  11. Peenstone

    Retro Boat - Olson 30?

    Definitely waiting on the Olson 30 .  I dry-sailed hull #111 in the southern Chesapeake for 10 years.  Loved that boat.  
  12. Peenstone

    Replacement upholstery anarchy

    I replaced our interior cushions 2 years ago using Sunbrella interior.  I reached out to the local auto upholstery shop who worked with me to deliver cushions that suit us.  He took the old cushions and used them as templates to make new ones.  We're extremely happy with the finished product.
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    Off Soundings Club - Look Back, Look Ahead 2021

    Fingers are crossed for the spring race to BI.
  14. Peenstone

    Boat books

    A little bit dated, but always a good read.  
  15. Peenstone

    Where would you retire?

    Mystic CT in the summer, Southern Ches Bay for the winter.  I'm months from living the dream.
  16. Peenstone

    Rudders and roundup

    Maybe , but not "in the zone". 
  17. Peenstone

    Rudders and roundup

    You’re pinching.
  18. Peenstone

    Rudders and roundup

    Not intending to lecture, but to share my experience.  I own a 1989 Olson 34, having bought it from the original owner in 2009.  The boat tends to round to weather when she starts to heel.  A feeling I was not accustomed to from my earlier experience.  I also found that the boat would rebound up...
  19. Peenstone

    Summer reading ideas

    Read Nathaniel Philbrick.  Right now, I recommend "In the Hurricane's Eye"  The story of George Washington, as seen from the water during the revolution.  Get away from the chaos of the "protests" and see what George was all about. Also, others by Philbrick are great.  I've also read, and...