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    Best training exercises for stronger grinding endurance?

    Russian twist with 25lbs kettlebell
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    F1 2023

    Yesterday I was singing my praises of how Ocon is consistently in Q3 and in the points. Today was a different story Haha!
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    how much??

    Where do I find a job application?
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    New Car Advice

    Toyota GR Corolla
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    Movie Theme music

    The Italian composers of the 60s were awesome. From Hollywood to television to pornos, they made some great tunes.
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    Movie Theme music

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    Calling all Hobie 33 gangsters!!

    Week one of the refit is going well. Warm temps have been welcome in an in heated shop. Strangely the more I remove from the boat the more progress I feel I’m making. Opening the transom is still on the wish list but timeline is tight with everything else. Hope to launch June 1.
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    Calling all Hobie 33 gangsters!!

    I was wondering what the deal with the rudder tube would look like. Thank you so much for this pics
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    Calling all Hobie 33 gangsters!!

    That is certainly an awesome boat, but I’m more into this. I would rather keep the stock seating and cut the coating flush with the deck. Also those cockpit cutouts look like giant water scoops so I would stay away from that design.
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    Calling all Hobie 33 gangsters!!

    that’s my plan already.
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    Calling all Hobie 33 gangsters!!

    Need someone to explain the best strategy to open up the transom. Thanks
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    Waterline Systems

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    Craigslist Finds - Keelboat edition

    I’m trying to make an account so I can place a bid. But it ain’t working out too good
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    Olson 30 vs New Modern 30' Boats

    Antrim 27 is a great boat. Singlehanded? No thanks.
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    Hobie 33 hull identification

    Next time I’m at the boat or at my office I’ll get that for you
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    Hobie 33 hull identification

    I have hull #48 built in 84. Sail number and hull number aren’t always the same.
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    Classe 950 is in coma, what are the alternatives?

    Any pics from after the mods?
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    E bikes.. Thoughts?

    Get whatever brand your local bike shop stocks and repairs.
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    Classys: What Hot off the Press?

    Maybe they found some melges 24s or j80s to buy.