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  1. benwynn


    im assuming whatever i should be doing DOES NOT INVOLVE PUNCUATION
  2. benwynn

    Houston GOP Fuckery

    This is theft and probably one of the reasons why a lot of our news sources have gone to shit.
  3. benwynn

    Biden Official: We want a Liberal World Order

    What Biden really wants. Oh boy... We've got another mind reader on our hands. I wanna play. Everyone who has read your post wants you to go fuck yourself.
  4. benwynn

    The Kraken Returns - "but there were people that believed us...."

    This is why I can't leave this place.
  5. benwynn

    1/6 Committee

    I've been busy, so sorry if this has already been mentioned: The Fox News Propaganda Network is now covering the hearings live. They must have figured out the ratings would be better.
  6. benwynn

    Finally, A Workable Plan to Unite America

    It's finally here. A plan to unite America. It's been there all along, but we just didn't see it. It was making a printed piece of cloth as large as possible. The commie libs better fucking appreciate this.
  7. benwynn

    OK... This "Up-Grade" isn't working. Want to try again?

    I think we should demand excellence from a free service that we have no obligation to use.
  8. benwynn

    1/6 Committee

    They eventually did. And even if they didn’t, it’s tough for me to picture any of Meal Team Six stepping over the bodies of their comrades to re-engage.  It would’ve been a good 6 city blocks before they stopped running. Even if was past an Applebees.  
  9. benwynn

    1/6 Committee

    In watching some of the video, the cops should have had shotguns. Two or three blasts at close range directly at the front line of the crowd, at each front, would have ended it, at half the body count of Robb Elementary. Or at least held it off until reinforcements arrived.
  10. benwynn

    1/6 Committee

    This settles it for me.  I won't be voting for Hunter Biden. 
  11. benwynn

    1/6 Committee

    What gives that away?  No dick?
  12. benwynn

    Yoo Hoo ... Mr. Obama sir...

    Yoo-Hoo spill 2020 and I found my glasses#victorkline #teamspamslam (
  13. benwynn

    Yoo Hoo ... Mr. Obama sir...

    Yoo-Hoo truck overturns on I-20/59 (
  14. benwynn

    Yoo Hoo ... Mr. Obama sir...

    Quite possibly the best PA thread of all time. February 20th should be Yoo Hoo Day.  Sharing this date would be the Canadian government's cancellation of the Avro Arrow program to design and manufacture supersonic jet fighters.  February 20 - Wikipedia
  15. benwynn

    Armed Man not happy with Brett Kavanaugh

    President Biden had said earlier in the day:  "We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore..." "...Brett Kavanaugh  is going to have to come through for us, and if he doesn't, that will be a, a sad day for our country because you're sworn to...
  16. benwynn

    McCain moves into the lead

    I kinda miss Nailing Malarkey, aka... well we all know the list.   He was the official PA Punching Bag.  A narcissist so wrapped up in himself that, after coming up with a new sock, he could be identified in hours. "Let me tell you how great I am..."
  17. benwynn

    Comparing-Contrasting Republicans and Shit

    When shit runs it makes a mess.  When Republicans run they make...  Never mind. You were looking for a contrast. 
  18. benwynn

    Why are people still allowed to move and build out west?

    I live in SoCal and it is incredible to me that something in such short supply is so cheap.  There are three tiers on my water bill, measured in units of one hundred cubic feet (HCF), which is 748 gallons. 1-6 HCF:  $2.92 per HCF 7-12 HCF: $4.82 per HCF Over 12 HCF: $6.24 per HCF 2 HCF per...
  19. benwynn

    Tell me why Joe is doing a good job. Do not blame last guy.

    Well, he didn't say not to blame the last guy to the last guy. 
  20. benwynn

    Tell me why Joe is doing a good job. Do not blame last guy.

    Why do you hate your country?

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