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    Sailing for vision impaired

    Great thread with some good links to sailing resources for the visually impaired:
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    High School Sailing- what's working where?

    Long time hs coach here with a couple of thoughts. First, good sailors don't necessarily make good coaches. Coaching is a different discipline. There are training programs for coaching hs athletics that can be helpful. I can dig them up if you're interested. Get the parents involved. Sailing can...
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    Sailors you'd like to punch in the nose

    Might be a short lived experiment. He's currently three points behind teammate Charlie Rosenfield going into the second and final qualifier.
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    Bluff bow, long overhanding stern... Older FP article?

    That was the one. Thanks Tucky! G
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    Can't do that anymore. Since Beats was bought by Apple he's an iDr. G ps - Sorry. I'm really sorry but I couldn't help it.
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    Bluff bow, long overhanding stern... Older FP article?

    Very close Ishmael. That's the look. There was a thread (or maybe an FP article) about the history of the design. Maybe there was a modern CAD rendering of a boat with similar lines? I'm grasping at straws here and I know it... Thanks for any info! G
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    Bluff bow, long overhanding stern... Older FP article?

    There was an article or maybe it was just a thread a while back about a working sailboat with a bluff bow and a long overhanging stern. I've searched the archives and the forums with no luck. Can someone help a brother out? G
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    High School Sailing a cheeseball sport

    Not to pick nits, but the NESSA Champs are at USCGA in Ct. And as a high school coach that works VERY hard to instill the ideals of fair sailing and respect for boats, the ocean, and one's competitors, put up or shut up. If you don't like the way HS sailing is run in your area, get your ass off...
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    Himalayan Salt - Good for us?

    Sadly this stuff tastes more like Bac-Os flavored salt than bacon salt and Bac-Os are vegan. YMMV G
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    Knowing where she may have raced would likely be a big help. G
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    5th Mode? MacGregor stopping production. G
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    Mother-In-Law, Mother-In-Law The worse person I know ................

    I'm guessing (hoping) there's more to this story. G
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    Leave It to Bieber

    Ok... But which is which? G
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    Bucket list Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing Just south of Ocala. Very cool. G
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    Summer youth sailing coach/instructor?

    You just found it... But I think you know that. Try too. Good luck! G
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    Concussions while sailing- How often?

    I hope not but it may come to that if the problem is chronic. Probably wouldn't help. Read the Bicycle article from earlier in the thread. It's fascinating. Helmets are designed to prevent skull fractures, not concussions. They do very little actually to prevent concussion. It was a real eye...
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    Pick a new club boat/Class building. $20k, 30ft, Northeast US

    Can't take a dump on a Sonar...that was a requirement. Wanna bet? G
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    Ink Anarchy

    Holy shit balls some of you are so judgemental. Just because you don't want one doesn't mean other people shouldn't want them. As far as being employable? Being a giant landt dripping asshole is a much bigger barrier to employment and yet so many find jobs even with that significant disability...

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