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  1. steveo

    1978 Tasar Restoration

    Nice project. Given how old the boat is I would try to wet sand the deck and see if some of the color comes back. If it's too far gone you will end up painting or trying to spray new gelcoat. Are you planing to race the boat? If not it doesnt really matter how you go about replacing the running...
  2. steveo

    Argie 15 Question

    I doubt the rig for the 420 will work for you. Each boat has its own length requirments for stays and the420 may or may not be longer in which case you certainly will have to re-swage if you plan to try use the fully rigged version.
  3. steveo

    Craigslist Finds

    Looks more like a whale...
  4. steveo

    Thunderbird dinghy by Snug Harbor

    I have a little scow nosed Skimmar dinghy similar to what you posted. I got it for free and built a dagger board and lifting rudder then cut down some old sails to fit the rig that came with it. My experience is the same as craigiri the little thing is very unstable and I'm a sailing dinghy...
  5. steveo

    laser mast step repair

    Good luck with the repair. You have lots of knowledge right here. Keep us posted with photo's of your progress. I have an old laser too and I'm considering doing the repair proactively.
  6. steveo

    Craigslist Finds

    Someone here wants it...... Not me. I already have one of those piece of garbage Skimmar boats. It came free as a tender with a larger boat I bought. It has more gelcoat cracks then anything I've ever seen (I think they put the gelcoat on too thick there must be a half inch of the stuff) It...
  7. steveo

    Launching a Laser from a bulkhead

    Thanks  Irrational I can see this working. Only problems will be trying to keep boat stable in the chop while I try to install mast and I cant launch with rudder attached ... VWAP-  I see that bridle available on Amazon. Looks like it may release once the boat is floating so I can launch with...
  8. steveo

    Launching a Laser from a bulkhead

    It may be more like 5ft at high tide! I built a davit (from  a 4x4 and an old wood spinnaker pole) which I use to launch a small tender and I'm hoping to either use that for the laser or to upgrade to one with an electric winch. I have a ladder to get down to the boat.
  9. steveo

    Launching a Laser from a bulkhead

    Gouvernail thanks for the advice I wouldn't have thought of that. Its a good idea as it will support the weight of the boat nicely. Any thoughts as to mast in or mast out? VWAP I dont know what other site you mean (I guess its bad protocol to mention the competition  by name here?)
  10. steveo

    Launching a Laser from a bulkhead

    So the beach I usually launch from has eroded to the point that I cant use my launching dolly. My other option is to launch with a hoist from the bulkhead its about an eight foot drop to the water. Does anyone have recommendations to help me out? I figure I can make up a lifting bridle by...
  11. steveo

    Flying Dutchman restorations....what happened to all of them?

    Wow that's a ton of work. Well done!
  12. steveo

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    I've sailed Sonnets. They are great boats in strong breeze. Playing the sheet off the boom is not really done and will only work in light stuff. The cleat you've put on the boom may seem convenient but it's going to take your head off if you catch it on a gybe. As Tink said get a ratchet block I...

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