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    The Ocean Race 2023 / GAME / One More Time - Around The World

    Right - it was some "fundraiser" to save the albatross.
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    The Ocean Race 2023 / GAME / One More Time - Around The World

    SMC sailed into a nice hole while also distracted with work and studies. Seem to getting near to Tristan de Cunha. Maybe I'll swing by and see if they have any leftover Puma swag.
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    The Ocean Race 2023 / GAME / One More Time - Around The World

    Is that when I stopped in Morocco for breakfast. Forgot how much fun this game is.
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    under new management

    Congrats Ed.  Having been on this site since the days of the old forum, you've given us a good ride.
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    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    We gave that book to my mother and she's raving about it.
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    Departure Wx- Chesapeake to Maine

    The diner?  I think it closed.  Went there all the time in college, but that in the last millennium.
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    NHL. Summer season 2020

    It was a different league then - I remember flying from NYC to Pitt for Christmas and the Penguins were on the plane with us.  
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    Movie- Wind question

    When its the middle of New England winter and you're done moving piles of snow around while the sun is setting around 4:15pm, Wind is an OK way to spend the evening.
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    2021 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta

    Boat I race on in Newport is coming up for Camden, which should be fun as I haven't done that race yet.  Sadly, don't think they're sticking around for ERR.
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    Maine Next Weekend

    If the Bagaduce Lunch is open, worth while lunch stop close to Seal Cove.  Also, if you'll be in Brooksville between 9am and 1pm on Saturday, I highly recommend that you order some bread and croissants from Tinder Hearth.  You have until Thursday afternoon to order online and pick-up is only...
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    Sabre 38, 386, 40, 402, 425, 426

    I used to cruise/race on a Sabre 38 in Maine and think highly of that design.  Good for cruising and seemed to have been well built. Came close to putting in an offer on one last summer...may regret not doing that.
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    Between Boston and Maine, stopping spots

    Must have had different experiences.
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    Between Boston and Maine, stopping spots

    We saw record number of megayachts last summer.  Curious to see if that trend continues.
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    AC TV Coverage

    $10/wk is highway robbery.  I use Private Internet Access and it's $40 a year - can set to Canada or even NZL.  There are likely other, less expensive options than VPNBoss. 
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    AC TV Coverage rerouted me to NBCGold.  Youtube is "blocked" because is says the "uploader has not made the video available in your country."
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    AC TV Coverage

    I use PIA so can connect to Canada or NZ and then cast to my tv.
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    AC TV Coverage

    If it is indeed available on youtube to stream in the U.S., hopefully that means I can fire it up on the youtube app on a streaming device (Roku or Apple TV), or just connect my laptop to the TV.  Fingers Crossed.  
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    AC TV Coverage

    I think that is a replay and not live. Races supposedly start at 3pm Auckland time on 12/17, which is 9pm ET on 12/16 and 6pm PT on 12/16. 
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    AC TV Coverage

    No experience with NBC Gold but I'm not paying $175 for something that isn't commercial-free. If it's anything like the NBC olympic streaming, be ready to get let down.