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    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    My 2 cents, My first dinghy kept dumping me out much to the delight of my spouse!! When I ask an old time boat builder( Stu Smith) ,his comment was "the faster they throw you out the better they row?" many decades later, I got a fiberglass Whitehall skiff. Looked great, Stable....but when...
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    Thunderbird dinghy by Snug Harbor

    The Sung Harbor boats were indeed built in St Petersburg.   The designer was Ross A Sackett in the last 1960's.  They were and are great little boat.  Not bad for a 50 year old boat:)  There are 3 , 13 ft Thundercat , 10 ft Sailing Wherry, and a 8 ft Thunderbird Sailing Dinghy. Randy in FL