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  1. Foreverslow

    Meme Anarchy

    Style my ass decades later and I still not forgive him for having his LA Kings wear white hockey skates. Oh the humanity...
  2. Foreverslow

    Meme Anarchy

    If you tour the Budweiser plant in Merrimack NH, they make a big deal pointing out the different wells they get their water from. the plant is on large lot. At the other end by the wells is the Merrimack sewerage treatment plan. If you think Bud tastes like piss in New England, you are not...
  3. Foreverslow

    Dell Laptop Lemon?

    I spent 40 years in the design of support processes/tools for computers for some of the largest computer companies in the world. A couple of tidbits: At the beginning of PC revolution in the early 80s, we used to put each PC through a test of running for 10-14 days straight. It was called a...
  4. Foreverslow

    momma says daddy can buy a chain saw

    have had that unit for years. Punches way above its class with a good blade installed. Lightweight. Got a MS391 if any big oak wants to pick on the little guy. That SOB throws chips/chunks that smack you good in the shin. Be sure to use the Stihl oil. Comes out top of the heap in engine...
  5. Foreverslow

    Motorcycle Threads

    Interesting is most racers I see that have died are when they have grown too old to run hot laps on scoots and moved on to cars. Still have the balls to the walls fire in their belly. Then you have to flat out crazies like the Isle of Mann TT. Lost 5 last year alone. I got into sailboat...
  6. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Got a Ouija board? The bitch has been dead for 15 years..
  7. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Sorry I mistyped red lining and owe up to it. Now as to the rest of your bunk: Rep Frank was in charge of the house banking committee He was the one who lowered the standards to the point Freddie and Fannie were buying mostly crap that never should have passed muster. Here is a 2011 article...
  8. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Barney is just as dirty. He led the fight to stop red lighting in inner cities. Basically twisted banker arms to give inner cities folks mortgages. Well except they could not afford them because they were low income inner city residents. That rocket scientist (not!) W went to Congress not once...
  9. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Mighty simplistic statement. Should I be listening to Jim Cramer and CNBC/Fox Financial flunkies with their list of Wall street whores pumping and dumping ? You know, the ones who again will have Granny Janet on TV tomorrow saying all is well. I track zero hedge along with over a dozen other...
  10. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    signature bank just closed... according to the article below, SVB did it by the book. Just just did not see rates ever going up and when they did rise, they were dead meat...
  11. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Closed door emergency meeting at the Fed Monday morning. I am sure it must be nothing of importance. Maybe planning for upcoming Christmas party /s No word where the Plunge Protection Team is this weekend, but based on 2008, my bet is the parking lot of the Eccles building in DC is filled this...
  12. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    not ready to let the banks off so easy. Yes the low interest bonds are going to kill them. Just like they have been killing savers for 15 years. If you were born prior to 1995, you have no clue of normal interest rates (~5%). Most millennials do not have this experience. BUT.. the other side...
  13. Foreverslow

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    I bet there will be a lot of hastily planned BoD meetings going on at banks this weekend. Ditto hedge funds and other financial institutions as everyone examines their risks and the risks of their counter parties. Best pick up your pastry platters early before they get scooped up by these...
  14. Foreverslow

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Follow up dept: Looks like Mz Ortz replaced another female teacher fired for having sex with students 2 years ago Me thinks the New Wilmington School board is not paying attention..
  15. Foreverslow

    Gratuitous Sunday Afternoon Car Chase, le part deux

    in the filming of Bullet, Steve McQueen drove his own stunts. Remember that mustang coming down the hill in SF? As they got to the bottom, the cameraman in the back said to McQueen "Steve, you can cool it, we are outta film" to which Steve replied "Been trying to for 3 blocks. No brakes..."
  16. Foreverslow

    Gary Rossinton DTS

    I saw him play a couple years ago with Lynyard Skynyard. What is Freebird without him on the line? As we left the concert two 7 foot drunks were dunking it out with their drunk old ladies on their shoulders tangling too. 3-4 cops could not make a dent on the idiots and were awaiting backup...
  17. Foreverslow

    LONQR 2

    was at the motorcycle races at Louden NH in the 90s. Some twit in a light plane with billboard lights on bottom of wings came flying over the camping area of the track hawking bikes for a a Boston Honda dealership. about the 3rd pass, several flares were shot directly at the plane. Never came...
  18. Foreverslow

    EV car thread?

    I stand corrected. Ford has shut down building f150 Lightnings due to battery packs catching fire. In the words of Dirty Harry "Swell, just Swell..."
  19. Foreverslow

    Elon Musk is a genius

    came across this clip today. Holy Batshit, Elon is zeroed in on taking out Ford using Henry Ford's principals Much like Bill Gates mimicked Thomas Edison, Elon is a modern day Henry Ford.
  20. Foreverslow

    EV car thread?

    the majority of f150 issues are on ICE units. The eco boost 4 and 6 both have MAJOR issues with the heads, turbos, and head gaskets that cannot take the pressures (these motors are wound up for all that crazy power). They let go slowly putting water into the sump thereby wiping the bearings...