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  1. b393capt

    Racing Crew Management Software

    I am a happy crew-manager user for my J/109 sailing program. @WHK's cloud software works beautifully with SMS on my Android phone. My crew is scattered across iphone and android platforms, and barely respond the same week to email. SMS works in these two use cases (Use case one) As the captain...
  2. b393capt

    Ultrasonic Tank sensors

    I had nothing but problems using ultrasonic sensors in tanks on a 39 foot cruising sailboat, tried on water tank, fuel tank, and a waste tank. Even with focus tubes, the results were poor. The good people at Maretron recommended I switch to pressure sensors for water and fuel tanks, I think that...
  3. b393capt

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I am very happy with my B&G H5000, Zues3 displays, motion sensor, wired wind sensor. It works well with other components like my signet centerline STW, and a superb compass I have borrowed, a Furuno SCX-20, as well as the B&G Precision 9. Every year I write a couple of articles on marine...
  4. b393capt

    B&G H5000

    I recall it has a VMG function in knots, both "VMG to wind" and "VMG to waypoint". Consider the other options. I have also chosen to display the target polar boat speed and polar performance next to my boat speed, instead of VMG. I also display target wind angle as well, especially helpful...
  5. b393capt

    Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

    Thank you for the feedback. I will look to make it happen.
  6. b393capt

    Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

    Steele, NMEA 2000: What did it take to get the Calypso NMEA 2000 gateway to work with Garmin? I could not make it work with B&G. Alignment: I suggested to Calypso they add a feature, at least in their app, where the user can configure alignment, rather than need to get it perfect on the mast...
  7. b393capt

    Best options for an instrument package for a 28' PHRF boat for inshore racing?

    B&G. Whatever your choice, make it a priority to have the sensors you need to measure speed through water accurately and calculate true wind angle. In this day and age, don't settle for just good apparent wind angle and speed. If you can afford it, the Furuno SCX20 as your compass is a...
  8. b393capt

    Small, simple NMEA 2000 instrument display

    Opps 1000 mA in an A
  9. b393capt

    Small, simple NMEA 2000 instrument display

    1) Couple a Triton2 with an on/off switch wired into a modified NMEA-2000 cable, and you can save 83 mA x 24 hrs, 20 Ahr per day. From power on to displaying information is pretty quick. While it might be nice to have a paper white or other display that draws almost nothing, the T2 wired like...
  10. b393capt

    Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

    I am thinking of evaluating one or more ultrasonic sensors next season on a 35 foot sailboat, a follow-up to the Airmar Weather station I evaluated favorably more than 10 years ago. What is the interest level of reading about such products? What features would interest you? Would you use it...
  11. b393capt

    Progress with Lithium Battery Installation

    I am big on multiple chemistries as well, such as an isolated starter battery. It just gets complicated when you decide you want to also insure your lead acid batteries get the right charge profile, and that the system can be reconfigured reasonably should you not be on the boat at the time a...
  12. b393capt

    NMEA 2000 On/Off Switch?

    With the exception of booting up the network, I wouldn't expect MFD's or anything else listening on the bus to simply accept messages from two different speed sensors just because one becomes present while the other disappears.
  13. b393capt

    Progress with Lithium Battery Installation

    It is unrefutable, "Nothing is simple when it comes to Lithium and/or working with electrical systems with multiple battery technologies.". Perhaps you should read the sentence this way "Nothing is simple when it comes to Lithium and/or working with electrical systems with multiple battery...
  14. b393capt

    B&G H5000 Mast Rotation

    I don't use the feature, but would like to point out, it appears that there is a way to use the H5000 sans mast rotation sensor. You can enter a fixed amount of rotation, and then the software will make the adjustment on port/starboard. Mast Rotation For optimum range performance, radars...
  15. b393capt

    West Marine Has No F'N Dyneema??????

    Many of us have uncovered sections of Dynema halyards on our race boats and get five seasons from them, sometimes trying for more. Google How long does Dyneema last in the sun? Dyneema itself is quite UV resistant. Coligo has tested the Dux version (the most recent and lowest stretch dyneema...
  16. b393capt

    Progress with Lithium Battery Installation

    Nothing is simple when it comes to Lithium and/or working with electrical systems with multiple battery technologies. When I see a question like this, I think deck chairs and the Titanic. I provide this link below of vital advice for you to consider about your Lithium install. If you have the...
  17. b393capt


    Furuno SCX20 is an even better choice.
  18. b393capt

    Next generation Navico MFD

    Over at Panbo I see an evaluation, No other marine eletronics writers evaluate MFD's as good as Ben. From reading the review, I most look forward to maps that are more effective at dimming at night. What do...
  19. b393capt

    Next generation Navico MFD

    I love my two 2017 Zeus 3's I keep at the helm and companionway. I also have a Zeus 2 at my J/109 nav station. I especially like the dedicated waypoint button on the Z3 along with the higher pixel density of the display. Other than a short video I know nothing of the NSX. What feature of the...

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