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  1. Mark Morwood

    SV Seeker

    In one part of the English speaking world. Both meanings are spelt "Vice" outside N America.
  2. Mark Morwood

    COLREG Survey - Familiarity with sailboat day signals

    It's not that simple. All round lights are allowed to have obscured sectors (Annex 1, part 10) though I'm guessing that particular install would exceed the 6 degrees permitted. In addition, red over green is an optional light ("a sailing vessel underway may display ..."), so in practical...
  3. Mark Morwood

    Stumbled into an old thread and laughed head off, what is your favorite?

    For those who do not remember it, when someone posts a followup to this post with a link to something called "Void Ho", do not click on it!
  4. Mark Morwood

    Hat's off to the...Coast Guard - Sinking/Rescue s/v Faule Haut

    When the US signed up to the IMS SAR protocols, which means that US boats where ever they are in the world will get help. Every country has agreed areas of responsibilities where they take the lead on rescues for any boat in their area. The US region extends about half way across the Atlantic...
  5. Mark Morwood

    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    My wife and I cruised for 2 years in the late 90's with a Spindrift 10 as our dinghy. It would happily carry 2 adults all day, and we regularly put 4 adults in it for short trips - 1 rowing, 2 in the stern, 1 in the bow.
  6. Mark Morwood

    SV Seeker

    I couldn't bring myself to watch the video, but depending what he was using he was possibly not even measuring kg, but was measuring Newtons. Which in my experience leaves room for another error factor of 9.8 depending on what the scale really was!
  7. Mark Morwood

    Any Icom experts out there? Remote mic speaker doesn’t work.

    I knew of some cruisers who wanted a two station radio, but because of all the many reported problems with the remote mic connector and water, put the waterproof radio in the cockpit and the not so waterproof remote mic in the cabin!
  8. Mark Morwood

    Where is the Anchor light on a sailboat

    Just curious - where are you? Are you somewhere where the mast needs to come down regularly for bridges or access? I ask because from your photo you appear to have something that looks like a permanently mounted triangular gin pole arrangement on your fore deck that might be for mast...
  9. Mark Morwood

    What's next in the Cruising queue...;)

    I've noticed before the similarity in our cruising journeys. I often find myself not bothering to post here because you've already said what I was thinking of! Unless of course it is about real boat engineering, in which case I wouldn't have had anything useful to add in the first place...
  10. Mark Morwood

    What's next in the Cruising queue...;)

    We hopped off the heavy monohull path after our first cruising boat which was a Vancouver 36. Our second cruising boat was a lighter faster catamaran - Catana 48 - and never looked back. There was a Hobie 33 in between the two, but that wasn't for cruising. Our next/3rd/last cruising boat, if...
  11. Mark Morwood

    Red Over Green Sailing Machine

    Any significant commercial vessel typically shows the correct lights as otherwise they are very exposed legally in the event of a collision. Smaller "semi-commercial" vessels like near shore fishing boats sometimes don't. But yes, I have seen correct lights on fishing vessels, pilot vessels...
  12. Mark Morwood

    Red Over Green Sailing Machine

    Colregs which the USCG regs are based on does require 1m separation on boats <20m and 2m separation on boats >=20m. Colregs Annex 1.2(i) says: (i) When the Rules prescribe two or three lights to be carried in a vertical line, they shall be spaced as follows: (i) on a vessel of 20 m in...
  13. Mark Morwood

    Snubbers and chafe protection

    We used one of these for a while many years ago before switching to a soft shackle. The problem I recall with it is the small pin can easily get bent and jam. Then you're left trying to straighten the pin enough to force it open so you can get it off the chain - all while trying to bring up your...
  14. Mark Morwood

    Second (stern) anchor?

    Every now and then you'll have an anchorage like this one in the Bahamas where you need an anchor fore and aft to keep you in the deep water. Maybe 15 nights in 3 1/2 years of cruising Carib, Med, Atlantic, Pacific. Still invaluable for those locations.
  15. Mark Morwood

    NY to SFO the hard way

    For us watchers maybe.  But all the previous owners seem to be humble enough that I'm guessing they'd be happy for the next owners to do whatever they liked with the boat as long as they enjoyed sailing it.
  16. Mark Morwood

    SV Seeker

    We'll expect to see the video posted in the "Girl with patreon ... " thread! And we expect sub-heads like "Shock - Boulangerie closes for long lunch!" and "Shopkeeper fail to understand Canadian French!"  This too has been on our todo list for many years. Even if it goes badly, just lie in your...
  17. Mark Morwood

    Changing engine key switch ignition to push-button

    Not that it really matters for panel lights, but you might want to think about a rocker switch instead of a push button switch as it is possible to see and feel what state it is in by its position.
  18. Mark Morwood

    Switched to Electric

    Operationally - not really, other than a clean exhaust. Environmentally - yes. No CO2 footprint in the fuel, assuming you use green hydrogen generated using renewables rather than blue hydrogen produced from natural gas. Probably more likely to use hydrogen to power a fuel cell connected to an...
  19. Mark Morwood

    Hard Bimini Material & Layup Input

    I built a 10' x 12' hard bimini for my Catana 48 without really knowing what I was doing in terms of layup, but got a result that worked.  I did build some test panels first. There are people on here who actually know what they are doing who could give you real advice on layup. The layup that...
  20. Mark Morwood

    Is this even legal?

    I quite like yellow for dinghys.

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