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    Worrell 1000

    Looks like a rough day. I’m glad all the crew are safe so far.    what an amazing job by the boats still sailing and their crews. 90+ miles upwind in big waves and 30 knot winds is not something I would want to endure on the helm much less on the sheets!
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    Modern backing plates on Gunboats, HH, or TP 52's etc...

    Don’t know about bigger boats but I know that at the factory I worked in years ago they had a double nut assembly with a bolt glassed into a bulk head for the chain plate eye bolt to thread into. Surely these larger high performance boats aren’t simply placing a backing plate under the skin?
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    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    I have at 65kgs but it was pretty windy. 
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    Viper F16 Foiler

    Pretty sure it's epoxy foam...
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    Viper F16 Foiler

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    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Good to meet you today Charlie. It was a great day on the water.
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    Australian F18 Nationals - Sydney Harbour

    Looking good!
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    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    You guys every consider getting together with the catamaran guys around Texas to maximize turnout and Share race committee etc? I know when I lived in Australia they always had dinghies and cats racing at the same events.
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    formula 18 upwind: use of mainsheet and cunningham

    Im of the opinion that in almost every condition that it's faster for the crew to trim the main and and make adjustments o the Cunningham as necessary. Sometimes the skipper can do the Cunningham. There are always exceptions to this but once the crew is on trapeze single trap I find it faster to...
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    Nacra F20 rudder failure

    They are also lighter than the old cast ones
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    Miracle 20 w/ayso kite

    it did the gt300 a few times back in the day. The biggest problem is it isnt built for a kite so you have to modify them a bit. The guy who did the gt on it put a running backstay on it to help the mast along. For my money id go an f18 for distance racing unless you're going for line honors.
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    $40,000 for a boat

    Where are you? What does everyone else sail? Who are you going to race against on the nacra20c and who one the C2? I'd pick the better racing, doesnt matter the boat.
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    F-18 Brash Talking

    cheaper? really, whats the final cost to get one to america?
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    GT 300 Little race going on in Tejas.

    I highly recommend this race! Its great fun, great people and always good sailing. If you're thinking about it, sign on and do it next year
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    2016 Olympic Multihull

    Simon, They did take a carbon mast to the trials, and it broke in the very first capsize of the boat. So while you are mistaken about it not being there you are very accurate about getting the design right, if it gets selected how many masts are teams going to have to buy before the design is...
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    2016 Olympic Multihull

    Finally someone with some rational thoughts on the whole process. Thanks for your insight.
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    345 miles in 24 hours

    C2, 300 miles in less than 20 hours. If you think you can beat it sign up for the Great Texas 300. Starts in june this year.
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    2016 Olympic Multihull

    - the reason they did not come at the trials with equipment for girlies is that Dick Batt never told them about what was going to happen. Strangely the only brand who knew was the one that had a distributor working inside Isaf. Coincidence ? maybe... Regards T-C Are you really saying that the...
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    2016 Olympic Multihull

    Have you considered the possibility that since 2B sailing is the AHPC distributor for Europe that they would be involved in the trials? Since Bundy seems to be off playing with AC boats that leaves Caroline. Another question, has anyone considered that the people that are there with AHPC are...
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    F-18 cost why so hi?

    Who sells a main for $4750!??! and who buys one???

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