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  1. glowmaster

    Boltrope material choices

    If a roller boom wasn't one of the best inventions in sailing ever, IMHO, I would consider a track and slides, but I can drop and roll the main nicely around the boom in about 20 seconds.  raising from it is equally easy when the boltrope is fresh.   I am talking to the sailmaker today to see if...
  2. glowmaster

    Boltrope material choices

    Hi gang, GlowBoat is getting a new boltrope on the main.  Ease of raising is so important to me for a good season.  It goes up so easy when fresh.  I currently have the teflon thread stuff with the brown streaks.  It has been a while.  Is there anything more slippery and more durable than the...
  3. glowmaster

    Windward sheeting bungee fix?

    I run a continuous line on my windward traveler setup. I tried running them out to the amas on my trimaran with shock cord, but is wasn't needed to eliminate a tangle and made the release actually harder. Windward traveler is awesome. One of the best changes I made to the boat.
  4. glowmaster

    Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    locking Brummell splice. It takes me about 15minutes/splice.
  5. glowmaster

    Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    I hooked one end of the spliced setups to my trailer hitch on a small incline the other end to the trailer with the wheels blocked. Trailblazer in neutral than in light gear stretched out a couple inches in 30 ft. I haven't noted any creep since then. 7mm STS. 24' Corsair.
  6. glowmaster

    New Jib Sheets

    I like the Samson Control DPX dyneema. Upsize a little. It is strong fuzzy and cheap.
  7. glowmaster

    What drives big name lofts to operate overseas?

    I worked at Hard Sails in Islip back in the 70s before joining Spencer Sails in Huntington. Those t shirts might as well have been uniforms. long f-ing time ago. These days I personally know my Salesman, and recently met the designer of my Norths. That offsets not knowing the Sri lankan...
  8. glowmaster

    Who is using ToT PHRF?

    NEMA (New England Multihull) uses TOT as well as Off Soundings.
  9. glowmaster

    Velocitek SpeedPuck or Garmin Quatix? For F18 catamaran ...

    I have both and trying to use a Quatix on an F18 would be an interesting exercise. It works great but takes a free hand, and is very distracting when using.
  10. glowmaster

    Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    I had Dynex Dux for 7 years and made a new set of cap shrouds and forestay for my Tri from New England STS over last winter. I can t detect a difference, and didn't have to retune after stretching them after splicing. When West Marine has a 40% of bulk rope sale, it is very reasonably priced.
  11. glowmaster

    Boom vs Boomless

    I went halfway between and built a mini boom out of an RDM windsurfing mast. On my 24 I went square top and to keep the area the same shortened the boom. Not enough to go boomless as the 24 traveller is pretty far forward. It looks like this rolls great and after up laminating with uni carbon...
  12. glowmaster

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    perfect weather for the GlowBoat team. I sailed double handed with a long time friend, Norm Farr, and we kicked ass in the multihull fleet. I also served a nice Mount Gay and tonic as bartender Friday night, and hope some of you got my extra spiked drinks. Now to fall....... ed
  13. glowmaster

    Speed Puck

    I used mine for headings. It took a while to calibrate it to match my compass, but it was possible. My trimaran is usually going fast enough to get consistent readings.
  14. glowmaster

    One of the Last of the Independent Sailmakers Bows Out

    Glaser. Pease and Jay do a great job. They did a jib for me that is awesome.
  15. glowmaster

    Best source G10 fiberglass board

    +1 mcmaster- carr
  16. glowmaster

    Red Bull Foiling Series

    Unfortunately, not coming anywhere near the Cape. Fun, anyway!
  17. glowmaster

    I have an idea...Reflective paint on containers

    Not reflective, emissive. paint with pigments that absorb sun and glow at night. Check this out, I think I may put a layer of this glass over the bowsprit I am stiffening (if winter ever fucking ends.) glowingly, ed
  18. glowmaster

    Oracle 45 footer foiling to windward

    Very nice John, Enough resolution to make anyone happy. Shows how slow us F boat sailors are...... ed
  19. glowmaster

    ebay offshore rescue

    I respect Aussies as some of the best sailors on the planet. Maybe the word "Blizzard" doesn't translate in Aussie. Not like the storm was a secret.
  20. glowmaster

    ebay offshore rescue

    more detail “We’ve never done anything like this. Dad’s not even a sailor, but he’s a quick study,” said Jason McGlashan in his Australian accent. “We’ve got plenty of...

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