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  1. Enigma0

    Safety Razors

    I'm simply boggled by the idea that any real sailor would ever shave. I've not had any razor blade near my face in over 20 years. I merely 'mow' the beard to some desired length with a battery-driven clipper. Straight razors are for land-lubbers, or for those who shave on a beach so giggling...
  2. Enigma0

    Architect to build home using 3-D printer

    Wouldn't it be easier to use Lego bricks?
  3. Enigma0

    Nutter Bibi barely squeeks out a win in Israel.

    Netanyahu is no "Gift of Yah', but instead someone sponsored by the Opposition. Now, just where did the Zionists get all those nice super-pure fissionable metals, again?
  4. Enigma0

    Hottest Women

    According to the Perfumed Garden (as translated by the original Sir Richard Burton), all women are essentially bi-sexual. Some merely don't know it. Yet. I don't presume to know for certain. Unlike an above poster, I don't presume to assert Salma Hayek is a lesbian. Considering those males whom...
  5. Enigma0

    Why Can't The Teachers at our local school be like this?

    Not just America, but yes, a kind of 'punishment'. Ideas and actions have consequences. Good ideas - good consequences; bad ideas - bad. Natural law operates, as with Gravity, inexorably What culture perverters don't want anyone to realize is that homosexual=pedophile. Not that kind that...
  6. Enigma0

    Ideas for Dealing with Illegal Guns/and Irresponsible Behavior

      Enigma0, on 17 January 2013 - 09:15 AM, said:   Functional crew-served and vehicle-mounted weapons probably should be in the sole control of a formally-regulated state militia's officers.   "Who the fuck has been asking for those?? Anyone? Yet another straw man answer looking for a...
  7. Enigma0


    So SCotUS has arbitrarily severed the Militia preface from the Amendment. Doubtless in an effort to guarantee the human right of self-defense and the ability to pot-hunt. But that also means SCotUS has discounted a meaningful phrase, and could, via the appointments of a few more socialists to...
  8. Enigma0

    Why Can't The Teachers at our local school be like this?

    Why then, the hebephiles and pedophiles should be stoned to death. One of the reasons the USA is in the mess it now is, there aren't clear fixed societal standards any longer. If sodomites won't go into their own closets and be very very quiet, then bury them. It's well past time for that PC...
  9. Enigma0

    The impending assault weapons ban

    Yeah, that's typical of the substantive responses I got at Sailnet from the doctrinaire atheists and socialists. Whatever, but with much more waving of hands and frothing at the mouth.
  10. Enigma0

    The impending assault weapons ban

    Actually, I've been a secret observer at this, CruisingOutpost, and the Sailnet site for months. I always observe the conduct of 'forum monitors' to discover what sort of abusers they are, and which members are their fellators and agents provocateur. The Sailnet filth shunned me not for any...
  11. Enigma0

    The impending assault weapons ban

    Actually, the Plan B drug and certain specialized medical implements kill far more American children than any weapons or diseases. I forget how many; maybe 3 - 4 million per year? Looked like a genocide number. And when you sum all those counts since Roe v. Wade, maybe more Jews have been killed...
  12. Enigma0

    Tracking point rifle scope

    What the hell is she shooting, a S&W .500 magnum revolver? That's massive recoil she's absorbing. Looks like a two-handed grip from her shoulders. She's hitting that target, which is good shooting if it's a pistol,
  13. Enigma0

    What the hell happened?

    I thought it was my Adblocker 2.2.1 that was cleaning up those page margins. I installed it to get rid of the ads Facefook was putting in the Timelines, but it has cleaned up a number of sites for me. There's another Firefox add-on blocker that eliminates even the Google ads.
  14. Enigma0

    Outsource your own job... Is this for real?

    Story is true, but there's more to it. As usual. 'Bob' sent his Mainland Chinese contractor(s) a RSA key so they could use his VPN tunnel into the company's systems. Huge security exposure, both for the company and its customers and clients. Violated a contract for sure. If the company was...
  15. Enigma0

    Anybody trade $ 4x?

    Forex, as said, is a kind of gambling. So long as you have the discipline to only bet exactly what you can afford to lose, it can be as fun as the blackjack tables. However, only buy calls and puts on currencies and commodities. Never ever 'write' a contract, for then your risk is unlimited...
  16. Enigma0

    bottomless titty pit If those were only girl-friend pictures, they'd be OK. Some are even nice, and don't crop off girl parts. Although I forecast much chronic back pain and reduction surgeries in some of those futures. But for so many professional photographers to put girls in awkward poses...
  17. Enigma0

    Most inefficient day ever, thanks Oracle.

    Did he understand my commentary? Now that I know that it's a federal agency, I reckon that cost and efficiency in using taxpayer dollars won't be a consideration. Oracle is perfect for such a situation, and may those down-times and crashes be frequent and enduring. Beware also any Geeks bearing...
  18. Enigma0

    Hottest Women

    Salma Hayek in Frida
  19. Enigma0

    Most inefficient day ever, thanks Oracle.

    The guy in IT?! Only one? Enjoy the conversation, but I thought the NHL were still screwing around. If your outfit is really small, then either Linux with C++ and MySQL on a 686/Alpha server, or i/OS with software packages on Power6 (DB/2 is included) may be a better fit. Since you mentioned...
  20. Enigma0

    The impending assault weapons ban

    There is a rather simple way to comply with the Second Amendment that also restricts to some degree the possession of auto-loading and concealable firearms. Licensing by a jury of twelve other firearms owners. Someone wishing to acquire, either by purchase, or via gift or inheritance, an...

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