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    Buying a Sunfish in a country that doesn't sail them - am I crazy?

    Fair dinkum mate, let go of your Seppo memories and get a yacht that is popular in your part of AU and will have a resale value. Plenty of options, a laser would be 50 times better
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    Goodman Fielder Wattie Bicentennial Round Australia Yacht Race 1988

    Team Phillips Racing was a biplane rig but many years later?
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    Would be great to follow the build process.
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    Trapeze harness rule change locked in!

    The Magic Marine harness I have was the same, release the hook and the harness was useless unless you had a replacement hook and installation would not have been easy on a boat. As it is only meant to be released as a last resort and saving your life was a higher priority than continuing to race...
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    Trapeze harness rule change locked in!

    You should buy a harness that delivers the safest option for you now, whether that is with a releaseable hook is up to you. In my opinion it has always been a good idea and was discussed years ago. AS regulations will be introduced whether you agree or not and in a timeframe to allow compliance...
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    No resuscitation request and end of life guide for family and responders

    Not wanting to be morbid but recent events in my life saw me in hospital amongst patients that were in critical care. While none of us want to think of the inevitable when it does come how do we lessen the stress on our love ones and medical staff on what our wishes are? I witnessed first hand...
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    Trapeze harness rule change locked in!

    I have been using the Magic Marine harnesses for approx 15 years, older ones like mine had a hook that was spring loaded held in place by a clip with Velcro release tag. Thankfully never had to use in anger, close after hook was trapped in the trampoline lashing. I used the harness recently and...
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    Welding Keel Bolts

    Only option in a sane person's mind.
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    Random PicThread

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, at times like this makes you appreciate a good health system and the dedicated people that work in it
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    "National Cleavage Day"

    Thanks for your work BB, hopefully he is just having well earned R&R with a group of his art students as you suggest. Look forward to a positive outcome and new material. Middle age mature models probably more to my taste.
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    Caption Contest

    The Orcas are attending all the major regattas 
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    "National Cleavage Day"

    You OK Sol, missing your fine art submissions?
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    what happened to the "DON'T know shit about tools" thread?

    They are there, if you look at the large flat washers & tube casting. Imperial shifters would suggest an American Rat Rod? Good engineering use of a basic tool, has its place and this may be it.
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    R.I.P. Laurie Davidson

    Ian Franklin built many of his designs for the US market. Keel half moulds hanging on the old workshop wall that was near the Estuary, not sure what happened to them in the shift to the new workshop? Davie Norris may have built some as well after he went out on his own? Southern Fun was a local...
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    what happened to the "DON'T know shit about tools" thread?

    Done, enough negative people in my real world. For your sake seek professional help 
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    what happened to the "DON'T know shit about tools" thread?

    That is the pot calling the kettle non-white.
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    Volvo 2030 oil pan leak

    This engine started life as a Perkins 100 series available in many industrial applications. It did have a life prior to Perkins but won't bore you with that. Oil leaks can be hard to trace, good clean and then look for the highest point of the leak. Unlikely to be the sump gasket, check the...
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    Random PicThread

    Only for the exhaust valves. This would be a cam drive prototype driving a normal cam, desmo or possibly a rotary valve? Not sure about valve clearance checks etc. To complex with suggest too much drag to be viable. Keep pushing the envelope. 
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    Pics of Fareast28R for sale in the classifieds

    No electric shitter, your wife won't let you buy it. To be fair neither will mine, not enough hulls 
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    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Thanks for your responses, much knowledge that will help me to move forward.