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  1. Chiz

    Daysail in Barcelona, Sept 3rd

    Odd post, apologies! A small group of us will be in Barcelona on Sept 3rd. I'd love to get out for a sail, and see the city from the water. Any chance someone would be willing to connect? 
  2. Chiz

    Need help - Transporting i14 from Calgary to Toronto

    Hey everyone, I'm moving from Calgary to Toronto and need to get my i14 out. Do you guys have any suggestions for reputable moving companies? Thanks, Chiz
  3. Chiz

    Two Weeks in HK... What to do?

    Thanks all, thanks for the link Tuf.
  4. Chiz

    Two Weeks in HK... What to do?

    I will be spending two weeks in Hong Kong over Christmas. It's my first time there; any suggestions on what to do? I'm curious about: where to get damn good dim sum other great food good (but not crazy expensive) bespoke suits sightseeing markets? thanks all chiz
  5. Chiz

    For all you outdoor types:

    Damn Cool! I think I'll move into the stone shack in Nepal
  6. Chiz

    Stoned Sailors

    Wed night racing with a former GF and a few of her friends (I was 17 or 18), what was supposed to be an intro to racing quickly spiraled into puff-puff-pass. Back at the dock, I put the boat on the trailer. I was halfway up the ramp, wondering why everyone was screaming at me before I realized I...
  7. Chiz

    What music gives you the goose?

    Awesome. Can't believe he's gone, that scientological freak.
  8. Chiz

    What music gives you the goose?

    I was listening to a fav podcast, talking about a study looking at physiological effects of music. Resarch method was to have participants choose a non-vocal piece of music that "sent shivers up their spine" when they listened to it. The researchers placed the participants in an MRI, played the...
  9. Chiz

    Hunter S Thompson

    Oh man I love HST! What an amazing, freaky genius. There is SO much great wordsmithing, but I think my favourite quote is from Fear and Loathing: "... There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. And that, I think, was the handle - that...
  10. Chiz

    New M83 Album!

    No tambourines or gnarly guitar riffs, so some of you old guys might not like it. Regardless, it is a pretty great piece of album. First single:
  11. Chiz

    Canada Dry - From Front Page

    The black one, or the red flying coffin? I'm a DN man myself. St Mary's would make sense, maybe we'll get some fast ice this year!
  12. Chiz

    Canada Dry - From Front Page

    for BC, I guess, where is this? Kinda looks like Cooking Lake, but I don't think we have snow yet. Down by Brooks, Medicine Hat maybe?
  13. Chiz


    Great doc! I am too young (and not a big F1 fan) so didn't really see him race, but after watching, he was obviously one of the best ever. What a tragedy, though almost inevitable. If you dig the racing, check out 'Racing Dreams'. I watched this on Sunday; its a great doc following 3 cart...
  14. Chiz

    Make Up Your Own Conspiracy

    Can't say anything - you're all in on it!
  15. Chiz

    Louie on FX

    Who has seen Louie CK's latest offering? This is one of the best shows on TV right now, imho. Pure Genius! This clip is from the few minutes of standup at the start of every episode:
  16. Chiz

    Start of Round 2?

    Germany's Q2 growth - .1% Markets down 4% again today, 12% down since Jul 1... are we in the shit again??
  17. Chiz

    suprise wedding

    Do you know how I know you're gay?
  18. Chiz

    I'm going to Turks n' Caicos...

    Great ideas, thanks!
  19. Chiz

    I'm going to Turks n' Caicos...

    Great, thanks! Do you guys tend to resort it, or rent a house?
  20. Chiz

    I'm going to Turks n' Caicos...

    I'm going to drag some of the family to Turks and Caicos later this year. My wife and I spent a week at Northwest Point Resort (Provo) a few years ago and loved it. Is it worth checking out some of the other islands, or is Provo where its at? We're active people, looking for interesting stuff to...