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  1. Rodfavela

    Dingy Racing - Ogre Sized man

    Check on this ad: The VX Evo is probably the best bet for sure. Production is back on track and the boats is , by far. one of the most rewarding dinghies out there, specially for anybody 190 lbs. and up. That boat on the Ad is...
  2. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    Sent you an email and left a voicemail. Rod
  3. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    No, but we have a prototype and are working on getting the ballasted version.
  4. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    Brian, I apologize for that. We have had handled all the enquiries we received throughout the year, so if you PM me your contact information I can at least give you a call. We are bringing parts, spars, sails and more boats coming. It has been a rough year with production, but things are...
  5. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    Hi all, My apologies for not jumping in sooner. Thank you for the interest and comments. VX EVO is very much alive. Some changes and logistics challenges have been addressed. Here is the scoop: Vela is still the official importer of the VX Evo in the US. The sole builder used to be Ovington...
  6. Rodfavela

    Spinnaker Sheets for a 30 Footer

    Robline Admiral 5000 8mm, very budget friendly. Great line. Strippable.
  7. Rodfavela

    Pérsico 69F

    Displacement mode
  8. Rodfavela

    Fast 1 Person Dinghy

    The VX Evo is a great choice, checking all those points. The mainsails, A, B and C get smaller by foot and leech. Luff is the same in all three. There is only one size spinnaker. These may help:
  9. Rodfavela

    Melges 24 mainsheet - best line suggestions

    Nexus Pro is ideal, expect it to wear out sooner than Coppa 5000, which is a bit stiffer, but probably my first choice for it.
  10. Rodfavela

    under new management

    Well, shit. I didn't even know there was a steering system in this place. Fine job Scott. Definitively a game changer for the sport. I am sure all the community is thankful for what you and Clean have done for over two decades. I know I am as well as my company. Most success on the next...
  11. Rodfavela

    Want to Locate "Blitz", a Martin 243 in Houston?

    I have seen them in ST. Pete NOODs. I know they are local. Try the US Sailing Center to see if they have intel on them?
  12. Rodfavela

    Line Anarchy

    Robline Coppa 5000: tapereable, strong, durable cover. available in 9mm and 7mm
  13. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    Not yet fully developed. All images you see are with the centerboard (non ballasted)
  14. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    Not much has changed, we are expecting a shipment of boats in October and the tooling for the keel base has not been refined yet. The prototype keel is perfect as a blade, but the securing part of the deal is not finished and is crucial to avoid pendulum effect of the bulb at the daggerboard...
  15. Rodfavela

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

    I sailed them a fair amount. Like them as a training platform for sportboat sailing. They are heavy and the loads are fairly high, but still responds well. They are well built and we did some crazy stuff with them while coaching and never had a serious problem with them.   Ergonomics can be a...
  16. Rodfavela

    What makes a fast Int.Sunfish?

    Sail it flat upwind even if you have a little lee helm. Gooseneck position range is 16" to 22" from the forward edge of the boom . The stronger the wind, the  longer the distance . This moves the center of effort forward and balances the rudder as well as lowers the sail plan. Heel the...
  17. Rodfavela

    Traveler control line

    If you are fine with just tying knots, then Robline Dinghy Sheet XL is the best. It only comes in black or red. Great in the hand, very affordable and it is not a very high modulus line, so will be fine for crazy gybes.
  18. Rodfavela

    Solid Shock Cord

    BFD, do you mean a solid core instead of multiple strands?
  19. Rodfavela

    Melges 15

    I don't think it was blowing 20 knots, may be a puff at the beginning. The friend who took the video indicated that, but I don't think is accurate.

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