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    Accidently bought some Harken 150F cam cleats

    Do they have a metallic flake finish to blend in with the bass boat finish?
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    what is it?

    Is that a granite countertop on the poop deck? What a Vete!
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    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    I agree with you @RobbieB that access to the water and secure boat storage is the missing link from interested sailors to folks that own boats and use them. Our area has lost the stepping stone clubs, and the county wanted to shut down the public launch ramp in the name of condos and shopping...
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    Gelcoat colour matching.

    I have a late 90's Vanguard Laser (OQT) that I need to touch up the white gelcoat stern and bow knuckle where they occasionally have scuffed going down the ramp at low tide, or fell off the dolly. Is there a good starting point for 'white'? It's not going to be boat shop perfect, but I do want...
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    This should be interesting. I think that PHRF SoCal is not taking downwind spinnaker area into account, and is leaning on a "One Design" configuration that is not as common as one would think.
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    Opti people are in a cult

    San Diego YC does Sabot —> Open Skiff / CFJ / C420 —> Laser / 29er
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    Waterline Systems

    I always check Kinder for covers, especially for boats built in the North East (at some point of the lifecycle).
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    Faster than a Melges 32?

    I think the Melges 32 is the best PHRF boat in that range....just an amazing day sailer especially with good crew onboard.
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    Snow Skiing 22/23

    They are closed today to dig out, the 395 is closed since yesterday, and they hope to be able to be open by tomorrow. But.....this also might be the end of the storm train for awhile....
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I did my first sail on a J/111 over the weekend, and I really like the boat. It was light wind and pretty flat water, but the boat kept moving along just fine with the class sail setup.
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    Opti people are in a cult

    There is a large swath of Southern California that continues to produce great junior sailors without Optimist fleets and the associated continental and international travel. Just because your child may sail the Optimist in your local/regional fleet, you don't need to buy into the 'campaign'...
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    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    My comment was in response to what was potentially going to come out of the 2019 debacle, where someone wrote that there was hope that LP would build C420's to fill the need. The reality is different. We have Vanguard C420s and Zim 420s in our club's fleet. Our Vanguard C420s were pushed aside...
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    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    I agree that you guys nailed the target, and the fact that the number of boats has grown to the point where you can get 40 boat fleets of kids learning how sail/race with trapeze and spinnakers, and the boats don't wear out, is the original intent.
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    The BEST sailing watch

    We like the Optimum OS11 watches that we have in house. They do not have a stopwatch, though, for those want to keep track of deltas between finishes. You'll never lose the watch due to a strap pin failure.
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    Is US sAiling becoming US Sailing once again?

    I did a bunch of Wednesday night and random leg racing on a 44' foot boat this year that has 2 speed powered winches at every station (and an under deck powered headsail furler, and in-boom furling system). It's faster to trim and adjust the sails using manual power and winch handles, not to...
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    cool or no?

    No to this reboot of the Cal25.
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    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    3 years later.....what happened out of all that mess? Did LP ever build a C420 again?
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    SICK! Moths on Front Page!!

    Wing foiling is shoving itself in the door for less than the price of an ILCA.
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    SICK! Moths on Front Page!!

    The future of sailing is Harbor 20's, and the future of foiling is wing foiling.
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    Harbor 20 - Go faster ideas

    Don’t overtrim the jib boom so that the leeward ‘sheet’ is inside of vertical. Trim/adjust the jib halyard to set the leech. Pack a cooler.