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  1. Lynch

    Importing a dinghy from the UK to France

    Bring it back on the ferry and say nothing! Maybe take a crap dinghy across from France to England on your way to collect the new one and claim you were at an event. otherwise you will have to pay import duty (?30%) of the value assigned by customs and then VAT on the whole lot it could easily...
  2. Lynch

    What is your actual liability if someone dies on your boat?

    Depends on whether you shot them or not!
  3. Lynch

    Sunfast 35 and light Ballast/Displacement Ratio

    The 32 and 37 from the same time make good cruiser racers and are pretty sturdy as well They’re not deep water cruisers but are good for club racing and coastal cruising.
  4. Lynch

    cool or no?

    Is that the new McGregor 26? It sure looks ugly enough Answer: NO
  5. Lynch

    Wrecked with a twist

    A good few years ago a drug smuggling group got into difficulty in the same area. It seems they had put petrol in the tanks of their diesel RIB (or maybe the other way round). In any even they had to call for help and the authorities were happy to relieve them of numerous bales of cocaine. A few...
  6. Lynch

    SA6 SOLD! Who in the world has that kinda change for 30yo Hobie?

    Or maybe that was the Ed with his payola from the sale of the site!!!
  7. Lynch

    SA6 SOLD! Who in the world has that kinda change for 30yo Hobie?

    Maybe it’s the guy who paid $130 000 000 for an Uhlenhaut Mercedes gullwing!
  8. Lynch

    Terrible Customer service from MauriPro Sailing shop

    Bought some parts for a furler from them which I couldn’t find anywhere else at the price. Took a while to get them as the manufacturer was on back order but they kept me informed and the part arrived on schedule. Happy enough to use them again
  9. Lynch

    Scottish series

    According to the Scottish series 2022 is cancelled due to a lack of volunteers for the various roles required. Its a sad reflection on our sport that one of the premier events in sailing has come to such a pass. More...
  10. Lynch

    Wanting to Buy 1/4 tonner or less,

    Corby 25 if you can get one in USA Goes upwind like nothing you have ever seen, Big masthead kite is pretty good downhill as well
  11. Lynch

    under new management

    Hope you made major moolah from the deal, you can tell us if you like! Hope you’ve sold it to an equally cantankerous and abrasive individual (that’s a compliment by the way) if it’s a corporate deal we can kiss it goodbye because there’ll always be counsel saying you can’t publish that...
  12. Lynch

    Middle Sea Race 2021

    Hate to bring this up again but.. January 22 edition of Seahorse (RORC magazine) has two columnists expressing 'concern' about what happened. Effectively this is telling the OA/Jury/RMYC etc that they made a balls of it. It's still not too late for them to do the right thing but I doubt we...
  13. Lynch

    Top Down Furler

    No need for a furler at that size. Don’t try a leeward drop in any breeze more than 8 - 10 knots your go to technique when short handed is to bear away and do a letterbox (over the boom) drop. Only disadvantage is that you will have to bag the kite and rerun the lines but it will come down...
  14. Lynch

    Middle Sea Race 2021

    Shanghai is spot on. The intentions of the OA are irrelevant, what matters are the RRS and the SIs. Their intention is not reflected in the SIs. I’d suggest they should have worded them as follows 1) The OA may declare the alternative finish line to be in use at any time before the last boat...
  15. Lynch

    Middle Sea Race 2021

    I'm unlikely to be an IJ but I have been able to read since I was three (long time ago) The IJ clearly got this wrong - the SIs, which I had never looked at before, were badly written and clearly in conflict with RRS 32. Writing SIs for any event is a painstaking task which should not be...
  16. Lynch

    Middle Sea Race 2021

    Surely 64.3 applies or should have been applied by the jury. A request for redress which might result in abandonment gives the committee the option of making an adjustment in the interest of fairness to all competitors. The only other comment is that if I was Commanche I’d have retired rather...
  17. Lynch

    Middle Sea Race 2021

    This is the most egregious decision by an OA and Jury in a long time. 32.2 clearly states that the course must be shortened before the first boat finishes. The corollary must be that the course cannot be shortened after one boat has finished. The SIs make no mention of a change to this rule. ...
  18. Lynch

    Boat handling lessons

    On the water and in your boat!
  19. Lynch

    Team Cork

    Holy shit Does anyone want it? An extension means that there are no credible bids as yet. I'll offer €50 to bring it to our club Pm me Dalts for full details!
  20. Lynch

    105 mods

    Agreed but most of us are sailing less than 1.3 J and might benefit from a 'proper ' sail!