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  1. hoofhearted

    Hobie 33 Midwinters and North Americans 2023
  2. hoofhearted

    Hobie 33 Midwinters and North Americans 2023

    Actually quite a few in OD config. The group that gets together for Mids and NAC's race in OD format.
  3. hoofhearted

    Hobie 33 Midwinters and North Americans 2023

    Hey ya'll. Hobie 33 owners. The Hobie 33 Midwinters are slated for St. Pete NOODs in February 2023. The Hobie 33 North Americans are slated for Charleston Race Week in April 2023. Still plenty of time to go from "thinking about it" to "damnit, we gonna do it"
  4. hoofhearted

    US-DPN boat modifaction calculator

    US Sailing is co=partnering with RYA.  RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Race Analysis (  Though still looking for a calculator.
  5. hoofhearted

    US-DPN boat modifaction calculator

    Hi, everyone.  Does anyone out there no of an online calculator that will calculate Portsmouth ratings for boats with modifications?  For example, if one has a sloop rigged boat, and sails with main only no jib, no spinny.  The Yardstick has formulas in the book, however for a slacker like...
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    Craigslist Finds

    Sunfish .... looks like a cockpit with room for two.... Sunfish shell - boats - by owner - marine sale (
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    Regarding Rondar trailer tires.  Walmart sell a tire that fits, it is about 2mm larger, than the stock Rondar tire.  $40 or so bucks from Walmart.  Have owned 4 Viper 640's, and have thousands of trailer miles with them.  Have had three blowouts, and Walmart was always open 24 hours and had em...
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    Seeking design for a OD fleet, ~$30k new

    Viper 640 might be a good fit for this application.  Gulf Yachting Association uses them for their interclub racing series. Quite a few fleets along East Coast, West Coast and Florida/Gulf region.  Decent used boat market.  World Championships for 2022 are slated for the East coast, which gives...
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    Craigslist Finds

    Another cat, rigged for wind....
  10. hoofhearted

    Craigslist Finds

    For you art lovers....
  11. hoofhearted

    Charter a Brand New Viper at Bucket List Regatta for only UKP 650 (US$ 850)!!!

    Sails included: hmmmm, wife has been looking at air prices too...….
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    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    31945 is now owned by "Pink Spinnaker"  and missed by Craig and Deborah.  There is one for sale at Fairhope YC, Fairhope , Alabama.  The   Olympic Sailing Association at New Orleans has had one donated and is for sale or something. As for speeds: Upwind 6.4-6.8 was good targets for us on...
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    Craigslist Finds

    Sunfish sail for sale  "tough as nails" :
  14. hoofhearted

    Crazy weight reductions stories

    Aww, man this thread can be real fun. True story, I shit ya’ not.  1980 something Coronado 15 Nationals or North Americans.  Buddy of mine and me must have been 16 or 17 years old.  Anyhow, C-15 NA’s come to Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  My buddy , Ben, and I find a C-15 tucked up behind a...