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  1. Tanton Y_M

    Joshua 40'

    Plenty information on Joshua and Moitessier. Google for his books and about the celebrity.
  2. Tanton Y_M

    All things Class40

    Why don't you ask the Designers? They are in business.
  3. Tanton Y_M

    Canoe stern - why?

    Stern comes in all shapes and forms.
  4. Tanton Y_M

    Canoe stern - why?

    Happy Stern. No matter what.
  5. Tanton Y_M

    Canoe stern - why?

    Simply because I like double enders.
  6. Tanton Y_M

    Canoe stern - why?

    A rounded Transom.
  7. Tanton Y_M

    GGR 2022

    In reference to sea anchor and drogue. Worth reading on: Search: Sea anchor, heaving-to and drogue aboard Rachel Slocum.
  8. Tanton Y_M

    Kat Ketch rigs

  9. Tanton Y_M

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I really like the concept.
  10. Tanton Y_M

    Craigslist finds- Tragedy edition

    I do not know of a sistership having been built. The yard was very reputable being an offshoot of Tashing. I think, Mr Pinney, he lived in Taiwan during the construction; even bought a bar: the Stormy Weather, and myself would have been made aware of a second boat.
  11. Tanton Y_M

    Which designer should get credit for separating the rudder from the keel?

    Checks the TP52 and Mini Maxi. With a single rudder, the key is to keep the blade under water, as the boat heels over.
  12. Tanton Y_M

    Craigslist finds- Tragedy edition

    In better times. I do nor know what happened within the past 2 years after SerenadeWind sold the boat.
  13. Tanton Y_M

    How can we minimize head injuries due to boom / jibe impacts?

    Raise the boom. Raise the boom.
  14. Tanton Y_M

    Dick Carter design boats

    The ways Beam is measured under I.O.R rules.
  15. Tanton Y_M

    Dick Carter design boats

    Would be interesting to know about Banks modification, on the Plastrend Carter 36. The production boat was primarily designed for the lighter air condition prevailing in the US in the Summer. With a tricked down I.O.R hull, dropping 2500Lbs, from the previous One Ton winner Ydra, while keeping...
  16. Tanton Y_M

    Dick Carter design boats

    Carter 36 Texas One Ton; a wooden version in England. Search: Carter Offshore 36' Texas One Ton.
  17. Tanton Y_M

    what is it?

    I should have varnished the hull for faster recognition.