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  1. NanuNanu

    This is why we can't have nice things....

    The Mighty Merloe WTF?
  2. NanuNanu

    Mighty Merloe

    She needs to be rescued!
  3. NanuNanu

    Farr 40

    High 5. Morro Bay
  4. NanuNanu

    J/111 prop: Gori or Flexfold?

    Any consensus on the composite hub vs traditional brass?
  5. NanuNanu


  6. NanuNanu

    Mighty Merloe?

    Mighty Merloe? Any news?
  7. NanuNanu

    Mighty Merloe

    Bump..any news? Is the Meloe for sale yet?
  8. NanuNanu

    Mighty Merloe

    Doesn't look like the usual way to vacuum bag carbon. What's this unique technique called?
  9. NanuNanu

    Mighty Merloe

    Anyone have pics of the tri in the yard?
  10. NanuNanu

    Surveyor in San Diego

    I second Kels Christian. Did a great extremely detailed survey for us last year.
  11. NanuNanu

    C&C 115 Nereid San Diego

  12. NanuNanu

    C&C 115 Nereid San Diego

    Thanks for the comments.  I thought there might have been more to the story.  Seems like a decent racer/cruiser for the price.
  13. NanuNanu

    C&C 115 Nereid San Diego

    Does anyone know anything about this particular 115? Thinking about flying down to have a look. Thanks
  14. NanuNanu

    Buyer survey in San Diego

    Need a buyer survey in San Diego.  Who should get the call?

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