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  1. Rondog

    Gone Wrong or Long Gone???

    Not sailing related per se but interesting none the less. What do you think?
  2. Rondog

    the Story from Low Speed Chase

    Yeah! A helicopter magazine called "Vertical". Who'da thunk?
  3. Rondog

    Olson 30

    Not if there were 5 hot topless blondes sailing it... :P
  4. Rondog

    If Ever There Was A Better Pic For An SA Caption Contest...

    "Climb aboard and read Sailing Anarchy with me!"
  5. Rondog

    Olson 30

    That's a shame! I hate to see the O30's leaving California. First the Tripps, now this....... :(
  6. Rondog

    US Olympic Team New Training

    I could do that! I've got a whole bunch of fat that would totally keep me warm. Those poor kids are just skin & bones! :D Cool article. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Rondog

    Olson 30

    Olson 30 Sailing Tips.
  8. Rondog

    VX One

    Damn! Looks like a ski boat!
  9. Rondog

    Failure to disclose during a purchase

    Wow! How did you find that the PO had sunk the boat? Just curious.
  10. Rondog

    can't we all get along

    JAH..... Feelin Irie Now!!!
  11. Rondog

    can't we all get along

    All THAT & no tits??? I got ripped off! 4,619 posts and you're just now starting to understand SA???
  12. Rondog

    Identify this POS

    a MacQuacker? :P
  13. Rondog

    Olson 30

    Ah! Makes sense. Hate it when that happens. :)
  14. Rondog

    Tri flip.

    Look at those whitecaps! I would not have flown a kite out there!
  15. Rondog

    Olson 30

    20K? WTF??? When I was going to buy Phoenix it was only $8K for the whole boat!!
  16. Rondog

    Olson 30

    Why parts? Looks like you only need to replace the mast no? They're not that expensive.
  17. Rondog

    'on a rope'

    What? No tits on the sail? What view!!!
  18. Rondog

    What the hell am I doing between these two 'icons'?

    Drinking a dark beer apparently. ^_^ :blink: :wacko: :D
  19. Rondog

    Olson 30

    Almost had one. Slipped through my clutches dammit!!!!