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    Internal outhaul in boom

    The way it shows (blocks oriented to each other at 0degrees and straight reeved) will result in the catastrophic twist that I see every time one of these things is pulled out of a boom. You want this,, offset at 45-90...
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    Internal outhaul in boom

    Sorry about that, forgot I had these converted for another interested party. Business end at the far upper right corner gets a straight pigtail; 3mm HSR or something bigger if your exit can handle it, because the pigtail will get more sun exposure, handling and chafe. Gooseneck end has a bit...
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    Internal outhaul in boom

    Google "Cascade" 6:1 is an easy uncovered pigtail to an uncovered 2:1 primary on a high load single block to a tapered 3:1 control line to your cleat Mock it up with kitchen twine or something inexpensive until you get the throws correct.  1989 wants the double w/ becket to triple back . . ...
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    What Sunglasses Do You Like?

    Large skulls; the Smith XL options really offer the most variety of shapes and lens colors out of the brands I've considered without going the expense or weight of Costa's.
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    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    You can run a good program without "winning" provided you can identify your own personal big miss as an owner/sailor, and establishing goals, budget, and crew bench that are aligned with your resources and sailing style.  Reasonable balance can be pretty fun, if not competitive. Typically the...
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    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    If the OP's issue is a pattern, it's a cockpit problem, not a bow problem.  If the sail is flying correctly and is rotated correctly through the gybe, as others have pointed out, the sheets are loaded, and will remain higher than the guy until the pole is brought back on the new guy.  Double...
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    You ought not ease the sheet that way . . . Mmmm. I don't reckon the mast got no reason to stay pointed upright, once the spinnaker gone that way . . . Mmmm. Tough to know if this was precipitated by the trimmer or the driver, but the trimmer DEFINITELY made it way worse.
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    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    As most have pointed out there's a couple effective ways to skin the PHRF game; - an iron-clad rating "commoner" like the J30, fully prepped and sprinkled with the best sails and crew one can afford, and competently delivered to start on time and hitting the appropriate shifts.  The J29 that...
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    J/33 or J/105?

    Nah, let the haters hate . . . time on the water and specific efforts will make it worth your time.  Things like knowing when to run sheets and guys or just sheets on the kites, minimum competencies for your foredeck, trimmer(s), and pit, and what money to spend are going to make all the...
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    J/33 or J/105?

    Depends on your friends and what you expect of racing.  The J33 is more versatile as a true handicap race boat in most typical weeknight racing conditions, where in mixed fleet sailing a well trimmed symmetrical boat can outdo the relatively underpowered J105 (class configuration).  Undoubtedly...
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    J/24 - Tillotson-Pearson vs Performance Sailcraft

    There could be at least a book, maybe two, written on the topic.  What sort of specifics are you looking for?  Are your interests racing, cruising, or just collecting a choice example at the bargain price in the current economic climate? There are differences both minor, and some that could be...
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    COG vs Magnetic heading

    If your typical fail on the race course is straight line moding and identifying key shifts, I'd recommend magnetic.  As pointed, it's more accurate (refresh rate), especially in down-speed boats. If the only thing that's missing from your game is key positioning and leverage off the starting...
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    Why we have no ventilators

    ROI accounting doesn't reconcile well to fringe "if" scenarios, long term "when" situations, and doom drum players touting worst case scenarios.  Accountants, Administration, and other players in big healthcare/medicine, and even small hospitals, play the same games other institutions play in...
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    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    I'm all for the upstarts, but I agree with the others; NMEA 0183 for a new product is just preying on sketchy old mismatch systems. In a moment of weakness, I installed a fresh N2k backbone with an autopilot upgrade, and at the same time added the Airmar 220Wx to a powerboat.  If you're going...
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    Best mainsheet ratchet min 50mm

    Agree with most that the "holy" Fredrickson 60 was impressive in holding power and nice to your lines. I'm currently rolling around in my laser with one of the gold colored 1.5X harken HTE auto ratchets.  The holding power is great, but be warned the downside of the 1.5 and 2.0X blocks is going...
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    How to make J/24 Keel Templates

    First, download and read a copy of the class rules.  Don't get rule interpretations off of this forum. Then, follow the link to the West Systems manual.  Start at page 88, read until end.  Any composite concepts you're not familiar with, start from page 1.  Note that this is information . . ...
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    J24 Questions

    If you have a boat that requires lead corrector weights, you're better served by a bolted in/permanently mounted step box.  This will be heavier, safer, and incorporated in the Basic Yacht Dry weight (1270kg), whereas without the same step-box weight you would be carrying that equivalent weight...
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    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    2002 Bermuda Race between junior and senior year of college.  Probably last full-send for the IOR 80 Drumbeat/Congere/Spank Me BT, champaign sailing in the Gulf Stream with big quartering seas in 20-30 knots, full sun, digging a 10-16 knot hole in the water with a full main and #2 jib-top after...
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    Is this Laser mast step toast?

    Brian, if the boat is something you plan on racing again against other lasers, a professional repair is worth your time and $.  I don't know if Sturgis does repairs (more of a dealer) out on the cape, but I know Andy Pimental at Jibetech in Portsmouth has probably addressed more laser mast steps...
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    Roll Tack gym workout

    therail is right about the light air work.  Pick a day when the water is finally warm, if your'e doing this right, you'll end up swimming a bunch in the beginning (I'm overdue for this training).  Roll tack is all about technique, timing, and time-in-the-boat.  The gym won't make you better at...

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