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    j/80 foil replacement

    Thanks - I found a helpful tech at Harken who confirmed as much and said he was surprised that we still use it since the pvc turned out to be a chronic problem (hence discontinued...). So we'll replace the foil and furler - the quote i got for a new harken system is about 2k usd. Happy to...
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    j/80 foil replacement

    Thanks - yeah Harken tells me we're SOL with this generation set-up and need a complete replacement. If we could get or fabricate a feeder we would probably be ok for another season or two on this old pvc foil...
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    j/80 foil replacement

    Looking to replace the foil on our J/80. Our local chandler is telling us that we need to replace both the foil and the furler and suggests we buy a new Harken system. That's pricey and the current Harken furler works fine. Attaching picture - we lost the prefeeder and feeder for the foil so...

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