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  1. OCS

    South East Asia Sails - Too Good to be True?

    why would you post this as advertising!! Scrolling through site, there's a few interesting pictures/clips?
  2. OCS

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    look forward to catching up with Mr and Mrs Sportscar and the Coupe over FOS.
  3. OCS

    Cruising dacron cloth choices

    The Marblehead and DP AP probably shade the Newport a touch, but all would do ok in that role. The Nordac is a bit different, it is exclusive by North sails and does not come under the scrutiny of the others by the greater community of sailmakers outside that group. I did hear one anecdote...
  4. OCS

    Precision Sails - communication issues?

    Precision sails appear to be an online sail supplier, not a sailmaking group per se. Looking at their website and anecdotally they use a few companies (in china I would assume) to make up sails to their taken orders. Designs supplied by their in house designers which dont fill me with a great...
  5. OCS

    North Sail headsails

    even good old fashioned Dacron seems to be holding its own in the Melges Class? Ullman Sails – Posts | Facebook
  6. OCS

    Covid Casualty or Deliberate Fraud? Not such a Great Circle

    Fixed it, most small independent sailmakers have fine business acumen and contribute a lot to local sailing community.
  7. OCS

    Jib sheet at 50% of luff or 50% of girth for fractional?

    50% is an approximation on most genoas, from there work on telltale flying.  some high aspect jibs need to even higher up the luff (sometimes up top 70%). the LP line would generally be a heavy air setting, allowing to twist off at top and lessen main backwinding.
  8. OCS

    From the Front Page "Sailing the seven seas of cheese" - Sailing La Vagabonde's New Rapido 60 TRI

    That ain't gonna be a good look after a few years down the track, accelerated aging and a strong likelihood of premature sail failure.
  9. OCS

    From the Front Page "Sailing the seven seas of cheese" - Sailing La Vagabonde's New Rapido 60 TRI

    Actually my comments were about the graph showing the misleading assertions about sailmakers and their company set ups. I have spent 40+ years in the trade. I was supporting your post :)
  10. OCS

    From the Front Page "Sailing the seven seas of cheese" - Sailing La Vagabonde's New Rapido 60 TRI

    Very misleading assumptions and making unsubstantiated insinuations!!!
  11. OCS

    Question About Cruising Sailcloth

    sailmaker of 40+ years, Radial Hydranet!
  12. OCS

    Cheapest way to fix a sail.

    That sail's life is over, you can repair it with tape, quick fix etc. But IMHO a waste of time and money. Plus don't ever put yourself in a position where you need to rely on it!!!
  13. OCS

    New mainsail - any basic guidance?

    I am another C Breeze fan, a good silver plus cloth! Suitable for a lot of applications. This is one of my faves, appears to my trained eye to be a sail that utilises the lighter fabric in the higher load areas. Concept is right but back the front.
  14. OCS

    Experiences with Quantum membrane skins?

    Not much difference in performance in the TP52s, the traditional film membranes more than hold their own.
  15. OCS

    Radial or Crosscut?

    Recutting a Dacron sail does help but just retards the problem for a while, not a long term solution. 
  16. OCS

    Full batten main with swept spreaders?

    Makes sense, best of both worlds, full battens up high with most of the benefits of an FB main and shorter battens low to avoid chafe which occurs on monohulls ( usually ok on multis with apparent wind further forward in decent breeze). sailmaker of 40+ years 
  17. OCS

    opinions on mainsail trim

    Limited view but some things stand out even in little bit we can see!  Full batten it! Too much roach on batten in view/ bottom batten is too short and maybe others.. something funny going on at tack, wrong cut back? Get sailmaker to look. foot is too long for boom, it is maxing out! Easy fix...
  18. OCS

    Precision Sails

    Daysailing and coastal cruise- longevity, handling, reliability, reasonable performance and cost are probably the requirements. cross cut Dacron of a mid to top end quality from Dimension, Contender, Challenge or Bainbridge would suffice, just avoid the real budget cloths that are hidden under...
  19. OCS

    Precision Sails

    Or you can get a Hydranet panelled sail or Spectra Membrane with far superior fibres for cruising for less than a 3DI polyester sail.
  20. OCS

    Precision Sails

    My apologies for not being clearer, in a traditional woven fabric the cloth is engineered so the fill ( across the roll ) threads are stronger either in number or denier, as well as the being laid flat ( the warp threads along the roll are crimped around the fill threads). This is reversed in...

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