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  1. r.finn

    Vendee Globe 2024

    Ask yourself, which one is most likely to turn into a bow rudder when pressed. If they have figured out how to keep a pointy bow from doing that after coming off a plane or having stalled foils, then they will have a winner.
  2. r.finn

    Banque Populaire dropping ClaCla

    Shhh... Stop saying it out loud!
  3. r.finn

    Banque Populaire dropping ClaCla

    Pretty sure they still have the Ultime trimaran campaign, which isn't a small commitment.
  4. r.finn

    All things Class40

    I agree. I don't really care how much faster a dot is moving on a map. What's most important is that there are enough of them to put on a show. There's not much of a show happening out there right now. 75' with material limitations similar to Class 40 and you would have boats that are plenty...
  5. r.finn

    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Yeah, there was no way I'd be ready. Boat still isn't launched. Gives me a year to train though.
  6. r.finn

    Mighty Merloe

    This is a thread drift I can get behind.
  7. r.finn

    Mighty Merloe

    This is true. They were beautiful monsters. An unforgettable and dramatic era of sailing.
  8. r.finn

    Banque Populaire dropping ClaCla

    Agreed. I think her role as skipper began and ended in bad faith. In an incredibly bumbling move they thought firing her on reproductive adjacent grounds would go over smoothly. They need to fire whoever that PR strategy came from.
  9. r.finn

    GGR 2022

    Agreed. This all day for comfortable and easy vmg on displacement hulls. Self steering loves it too.
  10. r.finn

    All things minitransat.

    The foiler mini thing will eventually work as long as they can get them close to full flight while vmg running. If the course went to Brazil still, it would likely dominate as is. The question I have for all foils heading to the Caribbean is how much time do they spend clearing out Sargassum...
  11. r.finn

    Route du Rhum Multi vs Class40 monos

    My method for reefing monos downwind, with kites up, is to to ease the mainsail completely, head up a little above vmg running, hoist or unfurl the jib, and then oversheet it hard so it backwinds the luff of the mainsail, relieving it of the main source friction, which is the mast more than the...
  12. r.finn

    Trimaran amas/floats buoyancy after a crash

    I like this "false floor-like" solution very much.
  13. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    No idea guys. If you read my account you will know that I was woken by something, but im not sure what. It was pretty bouncy out there and quite loud in the main hull, which wasn't impacted. When John experienced a collision on the same boat, he said he didn't hear an impact. I know this is...
  14. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    We may find out one day. I suspect it's still floating. When he owned her, John Patterson breached the center chamber of Buddy while sailing in the Caribbean. Something hard floating low enough to only effect that chamber. The boat floated with the fore and aft chambers in tact, and he was...
  15. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    Possibly, but I think she's just trying to enjoy her time in Bermuda and decompress with her boyfriend.
  16. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    Yes slug, I didn't witness gusts that high, or waves of 15'. I'd say 10' at most with gusts in the mid to upper 30's. I believe the higher gusts on Vamoose were actually after we were picked up, but certainly not during. So that can be sort of put to bed. The crew of Vamoose did an...
  17. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    On December 1st I departed on a delivery from Woods Hole, MA to Puerto Rico, with the owner Laura Shulman and crew Tomasz Dvorak. We left in a NW wind, 25-35 knots with only a staysail up and sailed conservatively with wind aft of beam, towards the Gulf stream. As we approached the wind became...
  18. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    Just waiting for the owner's approval.
  19. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    Working on it gang. Its a lot to get down. Hold on.
  20. r.finn

    Trimaran “Buddy” abandoned north of Bermuda

    I'll write up the whole story. Just got back home today. A bad situation with a good outcome. All crew safe and sound.

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