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    what is it?

    I don't know what it is, but the fairing on those seams look likes I did it!
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    Need Advice - C&C 34/36+

    There were three 34s: 34: base boat (more cruiser than racer); 34R: race boat (taller rig, deeper keel); and 34+: cruising interior with the race rig and keel The 37 had the same assortment.
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    Mt Kilimanjaro Hiking

    Mrs Zimsky and Zimsky Jr. did it two years ago. It was an EXCELLENT experience. I'm happy to pass on the name of their guiding company. First rate!
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    I wonder how bear meat tastes?

    Bear curry is delicious!
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    Death of an IOR "Cadenza"

    I was a last minute walk on with Cadenza for the '88 BBS. Carl was in Korea with the US Olympic team, and Jean was running the show. We had plenty of new boat teething problems (deck flex, winch movement, headfoil failure), but racing against boats like Camouflage was amazing! It's a sad end...
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    Garmin GPSMap 76cx and Win 8: live navigation?

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. A little fine tuning and my 15 year old BC charts may even work!
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    Garmin GPSMap 76cx and Win 8: live navigation?

    Thank you! OpenCPN looks very promising and certainly does talk to the GPSMap 76cx.
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    Garmin GPSMap 76cx and Win 8: live navigation?

    I have a client who has thrown at me the task of configuring his Win 8 ultrabook to use his Garmin GPSMap 76cx as a live positioning source for (computer) onscreen navigation. He loves Navionics on his iPad and wants a similar solution for Win 8. The Bluechart program will send waypoints and...
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    Car suggestions?

    You sir, are a good man.
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    Car suggestions?

    CDN $30ish
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    Car suggestions?

    Great minds! In spite of the 80s Subaru that I hated, I am now looking at a 2010 STI.
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    Car suggestions?

    Thank you everyone. I had mentally written off Ford and Subaru and will take another look. The Bentley may well be inexpensive post-depreciation, but I think it'd make my Audi look cheap to run! The Lexus is just too small (I am almost 6'4"). I am considering the Mitsubishi RVR (Outlander Sport...
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    Car suggestions?

    It's time for a new car. I am almost willing to buy a 2010 Infiniti G367x, but 330 hp and two tons is more than I need. AWD is a must, and I want it to be fun to drive. I won't buy Audi/VW (did that with an '01 TT), and wonder what I have missed. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    prepaid SIM card for Sweden and Norway?

    So I'm going to Sweden and Norway (mostly Stockholm and Oslo) for two weeks in May, and want to use my Google Nexus One phone while traveling. Does anyone have advice about what phone company to sign with? I need minutes to call back to Canada, as well as a couple of gigs of data. Many thanks...
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    The world loses a great young sailor

    Bob: I cannot imagine anything more difficult than the loss of one's child. Far from burdening us, thank you for including us in the community that will grieve with you and will support you. Our family joins with all the others here and around the world in sending you love. David
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    Rule 69 Blog

    It sounds like Clare is pretty sick, and would benefit from all the positive energy and/or prayer that we can send her way.
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    Soverel 33

    Decent? Yes. Light and fast, and wanting plenty of rail meat. We used have enough 200 pounders that we figured we had a ton on the rail. In Vancouver. Check build quality and condition, though. The deck on the one I mention had some pretty serious Corn Flakes noises. Tow? I have no idea.
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    There has got to be a race application for this

    Lasers to help whip wind energy into shape
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    Clean in Jail

    Do you want to be our big toe?
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    AC-DoG photos on Ft Pg (a Higher Rezolution Treat)

    It's been quite a while since he was in the public eye, but I think I am safe in saying that this is a great new look for the former Fred Flinstone: DC.

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