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  1. LionessRacing

    PHRF Question: Mixing Spin and Non-Spin Boats

    Always a fun topic. Watching the J-* boats and other big dinghy’s at CRW was fun, my crew of three grandmothers who helped overnight deliver 100 miles both ways had more fun In PHRF Pursuit. The combination of boats with radically differing speeds, taking angles and agility (think trimaran...
  2. LionessRacing

    Getting tough with the anti-vaxxers

    You folks haven't died off yet ? the 23rd booster hasn't melted your heart totally? well have faith, the next one will get it for sure.
  3. LionessRacing

    From The Guardian newspaper: Stranded at sea: amateur female sailors speak of sexual abuse by captains they met online

    The concern about personal safety works in many directions. From molestation to robbery, not at all difficult to take aboard a couple or small group and find yourself slipped over the side some night and them in possession of a nicely equipped free yacht.
  4. LionessRacing

    What is your actual liability if someone dies on your boat?

    So if you are on an international passage, where is the jurisdiction? Owner's domicile? Boat's Registration ? Port of landing?
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    DMX (lighting) controllers

    Developing a live sound support sideline/retirement business for local bands. Figured some level of lighting was appropriate. Ended up with an ADJ “Operator Pro” that I got used. Grinding through its manual and the Amazon 36 LED PAR I was given at XMAS. can make lights change etc, but not yet...
  6. LionessRacing

    What's Up in California?

    I recall ballot issues for projects. Somehow I doubt the money was spent on construction and ma8ntenance of reservoir. Pity, the state could do more with the rains than flush Oakland, SF and LA.
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    Could sails also be solar panels?

    IF you can make a material that is Durable enough to be hoisted up a mast Subjected to deformation Tacked/Gybed/Flogged Efficient able to convert a reasonable fraction of Solar --> Electrical Not unreasonably affected by heel/pitch/roll Able to work in a variety of temperatures Cost...
  8. LionessRacing

    DMX (lighting) controllers

    I was given some "Par" lights for Christmas to go with the live sound support I am doing. They are an Amazon brand and include basic DMX 512 control capability. Any suggestions on which controller(s)/Ecosystems are a good choice for Club Level venues? Looking to control from FOH, with future...
  9. LionessRacing

    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    See WOXI coming in last is a nice wrap to Christmas. After watching the bolloxed start and penalty turns with skipper whingeing about why they changed sails, it’s not really a surprise.
  10. LionessRacing

    Great Lakes - trying to be Oceans

    I've sailed Ontario in 8-10 ' coming from Kingston ON to Sodus Bay, NY. Basically square waves with wind 25 kts out of the west. I can't image double that, the piers at Sodus would be invisible
  11. LionessRacing

    Mast bend and sail recut (why isn't it as big a benefit to all boat classes?)

    Not in anyway trying to suggest my tuning detail is relevant to anything else. The principle of knowing your boat/class boundary conditions, and working within them certainly is. We don't step the mast for every regatta, and would not think of swapping masts between them. We race with what we...
  12. LionessRacing

    USS Monson USS Harper's Ferry

    In 60 years of boating, I've done a few dumb things, that might have been embarrassing, but haven't put lives and property at that level of risk. When you have over 600 crew and$2650E6 in hulls, not to mention the LCAC & othert equipment on an LSD, that requires a level of care beyond that...
  13. LionessRacing

    Mast bend and sail recut (why isn't it as big a benefit to all boat classes?)

    On a more general note: your sails & spar are an investment that degrade with time. Whether your budget & class rules allow you to have frequent replacement or venue optimized sets is a separate question. Assuming you are limited to one spar & set of sails at a time, the question then becomes...
  14. LionessRacing

    USS Monson USS Harper's Ferry

    Seems to be a very avoidable near miss. Daylight No precipitation Modest winds vs available power Pilot involvement Both vessels owned by same firm Negligence is the only explanation.
  15. LionessRacing

    Charleston Race week 2023:

    Lioness is registered for Pursuit. Will Deliver down Weds overnight and back Sunday. Crew welcome
  16. LionessRacing

    Bidet anarchy:

    Returned from a few days at a resort and now the wife fancies a bidet. The model at the resort appeared to be a Toto c5 Or equivalen. any suggestions on vendors & models for US plumbing? willing to update toilet concurrently to get the higher seat height.
  17. LionessRacing

    No amnesty for Covidians:

    After two and and a half years the truth is coming out: Blatant political manipulation of “Science” Sweeping claims of vaccine efficacy that simply were not true denial of profound side effects denial of effective treatments state and corporate collusion to control the narrative clear...
  18. LionessRacing

    35 footer vs 40 footer…

    It’s simple math: the slip & storage are area terms, subject to scarcity that ain’t linear. Boat hull, spar, lines and sails coats are displacement terms, or scale factor cubes. Square Cube Law. And the first 15 -20 feet (bow & cockpit) don’t really count. i.e. roughly K*(40-20)^2 for...
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    Getting tough with the anti-vaxxers

    Golly, you clowns still trying to justify your faith in the Gubmint & Big Pharma? With the lights and heat going out in Europe, and Canada, NZ and Oz succumbing to the stultification of free speech in the interest of "official information" it's going to be a bitter winter for you. And here in...
  20. LionessRacing

    Pack type sailcover that doesn't act like a funnel

    The Ridge line to keep "tented" or the slit at the Lazy Jack? the Ridge line would be a simple 1/8" paracord sewn into a hem that supported the catenary of a tent. The Slits at the lazy jacks are so that the tent can extend past the cover battens.