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    Dinghy Transport from SF Bay area to Denver

    Ding Ding Ding............Snipe it is!!!!! Actually several Snipe fleets. After moving here, aside from the ubiquitous Laser, it's the best OD game in town. There are also Santana 20's, Lightnings, J22s, J24s, Etchells, various Melges craft, etc. Ain't the Coast, smaller venues and strange...
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    Dinghy Transport from SF Bay area to Denver

    Thanks. Will contact. Any other suggestions
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    Dinghy Transport from SF Bay area to Denver

    Suggestions for having a 15'dinghy on a trailer moved to Denver? Any services specialize in that sort of thing? Anyone from the Bay area heading to or through the Denver area and can tow it for $$.
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    Curious - How Old Is Everybody?

    72 How the hell did we get here so fast? How the hell did SA last so long? Good job Scott!! I remember this thread on SA (before there were threads?) a gazillion years ago. Much has changed but thankfully most of you bastards haven't. Special thanks for Sol's contributions.
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    I get the Rocket's simplicity, comfy cockpit, etc, but being an ex Laser sailor I have only that as my reference point. With no Rocket fleets near me I will be enjoying sailing around with the boat and bee relegated to mixed dinghy fleet "racing". This obviously includes a few Lasers. What...
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    Melges 17......again

    Yeah, I know the new class died a fairly quick death but that sad process has left a few orphan boats available at great prices. Just would be used to rip around lakes and race periodically in mixed dinghy fleets. Interesting boat that would be perfect for playing on ........unless.....there...
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    Boarding ladder for an Olson 30

    Could design something that could be stored in your man overboard tube and deployed from the water if necessary by pulling a lanyard. Use your imagination............
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    Sailboat gets caught under bridge in NYC

    This is between Roosevelt Island and Queens? Can't say I've ever tried to transit that side, especially with a sailboat. More than enough vertical clearance on the western side of Roosevelt Island.
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    Ed got the covey

    Fully vaxed and boostered, wear masks regularly and avoided Covid till now. Read this thread and had a home kit positive test last night. Feel like I have a cold. Off to the hospital. Sailing Anarchy..........the gift that keeps on giving.
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    Used Snipe input please

    Looking at 1993 Eclipse hull with a Proctor Miracle mast that has been updated and is said to be reasonably competitive. This is for local/regional events. Know it's not a current Jibetech but hoping with some fresh sails and refreshing I won't be too embarrassed and get a sense of what the...
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    Kiteboarding Anarchy

    During dog walks around Chatfield this winter I encountered a kiter (?) several times. Spoke with him often and he regularly kites on Chatfield and Dillon. Suggested trail along the Continental Divide above Loveland Pass is a popular kiting area. This fellow also had a kiting dedicated vehicle...
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    What was the first boat you owned?

    First boat I bought with my $$ after college was a beater International 110. Rebuilt, sailed then lost it in a storm while it was on a mooring. Damn thing went to weather better than any boat I ever sailed.
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    2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Fucking Rangers. That's all I have to say. Go Av's PLEASE!!!!!
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    Cape Dory Typhoon or Bristol (Corinthian) 19 to learn the ropes?

    Wonderful pics. Reason why the boat is a classic. Simple, attractive, well built and perfect for your needs. Enjoy,
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    2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Fully expected Oilers to tie it in the final seconds then win in the first minute of OT. Difficult to understand how two teams demonstrating no defense whatsoever can make it this far.  Sagelike prediction there Chester.
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    2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Rangers? Overachieving? Dare I dream? This has been one crazy entertaining playoff series
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    Fazisi Spotted in Key West

    Was also aboard back in the day. A crew subjected to that for any period of time is inhuman. Rumor/legend at the time also suggested that the noise below was deafening when pounding through the open ocean. Modeled after Siberian Gulag or Soviet interrogation chamber? You won't see an oligarch...
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    Cape Dory Typhoon or Bristol (Corinthian) 19 to learn the ropes?

    Whew. I've been sailing a helluva long time and never heard of those either. Don't pretend to know everything  but perhaps they are relevant to boats that I'm not normally interested in. I do  know the Typhoon, not the Corinthian, but if similar, both will serve your purpose and family well...
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    Sub 30' Family-oriented 60% Racer/40% Cruiser Options

    Reality check. Sold a beloved 30' boat for a 37 foot boat to fulfill  similar familial expectations. Two kiddoes on board all the time in the early years then soccer, volleyball and any number of other discovered activities took hold and I sat with the boat. They rightly followed their own paths...
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    Snaggletooth is right about the value to guitar makers. Wood turners, fine furniture makers, etc. pay a bundle for the stuff. Problem is you have much more than anyone would need. Is there a fine hardwoods supply yard in the region? They wouldn't pay market value but would offer a hell of a lot...