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    Raymarine SmartPilot terminal strip connectors

    Looking for any information stored out there in the collective.  Friend just received a pre-owned Raymarine SmartPilotX-10 and it is missing some pieces.  Most of the pluggable connectors for the incoming wires are missing.  Does anyone know if these parts are available anywhere or who made...
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    Ronstan calibrated turnbuckles

    The coupling nut inside the turnbuckle is nickel plated bronze.  Having said that, we still lubricate when putting the mast up every year using Boeshield T-9 spray.
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    J-28 wiring diagram

    The best you'll find for the J/28 is an old scanned copy of the original owners manual, but there isn't really much useful information in it for the electrical system.  The manual shows some info for the mast wiring, but there are definite gaps in...
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    Turn Key J24 wanted

    One just popped up this week at my club, but it's located in Ottawa, ON.  One of those well sorted out boats where everything just works. J-24, 1988, "Roadrash CAN 4416". J-24 Roadrash CAN 4416 meticulously maintained, very competitive J-24, North Mainsail, Genoa, 2 jibs, 2...
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    Rudder bearing tolerance

    The boat is a J/28.  Rudder is about 52"deep by 29"wide. Probably weights in around 80lbs. Space between center of upper and lower bearings is 31". Someone just asked me why don't I make a new bearing out of fiberglass using the rudder shaft as a mold with graphite powder added to the bearing...
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    Rudder bearing tolerance

    Plugged the numbers into both calculators and the numbers are the same.  Only difference is the recommendation to add grooves into the shaft log for cooling.  Just for fun, I plugged the dimensions into their general application calculator ( and...
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    Rudder bearing tolerance

    Working with the Design a Bearing tool on the Vesconite website and plugging in the numbers for my boat (6.5"shaft, 7.25"tube, 3"bearing length), their recommendation is an internal diameter of 6.521".  Note that I am not press fitting the bearing into the boat; will be epoxied in place.  Also...
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    Rudder bearing tolerance

    Sorry, forgot to mention that the new bushing is being made of Delrin.  
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    Rudder bearing tolerance

    After spending the winter tearing out wet foam and rebuilding my rudder, it is finally time to start thinking about the reinstall when the snow melts in a couple of weeks.  I have contacted a local machine shop who are going to be machining a new rudder bushing.  How much larger than the rudder...
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    shit show (front page)

    Video seems to be fine now, albeit a little grainy.
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    Cutting out a bulkhead

    I've had good luck buying oscillating saw blades from these guys.  They're located in Toronto and shipped the same day I ordered them online.
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    Live Racing Thread

    5 of 7.  Approaching windward gate.  
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    Live Racing Thread

    Try this feed.  Working fine for me in Canada right now.
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    Building carbon parts

    I am updating an older Marstrom Tornado and would like to try to build some of the parts instead of having to import them from Europe. I am thinking about building the compression pole mount using some carbon fiber tube I already have that will fit the pole, but I do not know the best way to...
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    Jib Halyard retrieval

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    SR Max

    Came across this one online recently. SR Max
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    Nov 26 - A Training Thanksgiving Day

    She's sailing off of OB right now. Not a great webcam, but you can see her way out there.
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    Steped mast, dismasted in slip one week later.

    Remind me of the boat I saw last summer a few slips down that suddenly seemed to have a lot more mast rake than usual. Walked over for a quick look to see why so much rake, only to find that the forestay was no longer attached to the stem fitting. In what can only be described as one of the...
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    looking for sport boat