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  1. J88 Alchemy

    What's Right (or Wrong) with US Sailing?

    The negative comments are pretty surprising and discouraging. If you have never used the Skill Up App, you should. If you have never attended a US Sailing Coaching Seminar or National Symposium you should. The last coaching symposium was online (because of Covid), and free for 3 full days...
  2. J88 Alchemy

    Viko Yachts

    I would still like more input from people who know the boat. It may not be the right boat for you, but I find the boat intriguing.
  3. J88 Alchemy

    Viko Yachts

    Thanks for the input. Have you ever sailed one?
  4. J88 Alchemy

    Viko Yachts

    Hi All, Happy Labor Day. I'm looking for some input / feedback on Viko Yachts, specifically the S21, S22, and S26. Questions: How well do these boats perform? Overall quality of construction? How / where can I buy one? Any used boats out there? Any other comments and thoughts are greatly...
  5. J88 Alchemy

    J80 as a day Sailer

    I had a J/80 and enjoyed the boat.  I now have a J/70 and that boat checks all your boxes too.  The advantage of the 70 is the retractable keel; trailer launching is a snap and no marina costs for a hoist / travel lift.  It's easier to tow too.  In terms of sailing, the 70 is a very agile and...
  6. J88 Alchemy

    New sailor question

    Get him in a US Sailing certified Junior Sailing program.  He will gain experience on a variety of dinghies and discover his love of the sport sailing with other kids.  Next step after that... buy him a O'pen skiff.  The boat is a blast and you can car-top it anywhere.  If you are committed to...
  7. J88 Alchemy


    Hi Crosswinds, I sailed a lot on the J95; It's a terrific boat.  The centerboard lifting system works really well and the boat tracks upwind beautifully with a very neutral helm.  It's not as fast as an 88, but it's an excellent boat that handles well.  It probably hasn't gotten too much...
  8. J88 Alchemy

    Saphire 27

    A few months ago, the Saphire website said the molds were for sale which was a concern.  But there is no mention of that now and the boat is still available for sale on the webpage.  I'm really interested in this boat.  If anyone else is interested too, please contact me.  Perhaps we could work...
  9. J88 Alchemy

    Fareast 19R

    Thanks Streetwise.  Actually I'm his former boat partner and I appreciate you sticking up for both DB and me.  It's been a very sad summer.  I originally made the post when DB and I were both exploring sport boats after selling our J/88.  I was doing some research for both of us on the Fareast...
  10. J88 Alchemy

    Fareast 19R

    I know a lot about the Viper; too wet and sporty / athletic.  I want to daysail too in some degree of comfort. The 640 is a great boat, but I'm too "old" for the Viper.
  11. J88 Alchemy

    Andrews 28 Hulls 2 and 4?

    Hi All, I recently contacted Ivan and he says he has no interest in building anymore Andrews 28's but said he has the molds and would consider another boat builder.  I reached out to Tartan asking if they are interested but they never replied.  Seems like they would be a good choice.  Beneteau...
  12. J88 Alchemy

    Fareast 19R

    Hi, Does anyone have any info on the Fareast 19 R in terms of performance, build quality, etc.? Other than the J/70, what other sport boats exist that: Perform well Can be ramp launched (retractable keel) Are less than 40K Range from 18 - 24' Thanks!
  13. J88 Alchemy

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    The 100 doesn't perform as well as the 88.  As fast as the 88 is, it's easy to sail and even in challenging conditions, inspires confidence.  I would encourage you to take a close look at both boats, but if you really want a fun, fast, easy to sail boat, go with the 88.  Contact me if you would...
  14. J88 Alchemy

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    You are correct about Ivan's lack of interest in building the Andrews 28 again.  It's too bad because it looks like a great design.  I saw one in Vancouver 4 years ago and I was really impressed.  I told Ivan I would order one but as stated, they would need 10 orders to start production.  Too...
  15. J88 Alchemy

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    Hi, I wholeheartedly recommend the J/88.  We are actually selling ours, but it's a great boat.  It's fast, has decent cabin space, flies downwind, and is easy to sail.  We have come in second two years in a row in a double handed race and I have singlehanded the boat.  She sails like a big...